True North

True North
Based on research done at the University of Pennsylvania, USA

When people used to travel in old days, they used a compass to guide them. Before the compass they used the Polestar. Even now, when people travel for adventure, they use a compass. Our entire smartphone existence is based on the GPS, which is also a compass.
If we agree that life is also a journey and an adventure, then we also agree that there should be a compass to guide us to our destination.
The compass inside all of us should point to a direction called the True North. It is your orienting point - your fixed point in a spinning world - that helps you stay on track as an individual. Your True North guides you through life with the right values and aims and the correct means to get there, knowing that the shortest and easiest route is not always the correct one. It also helps you to choose and stay on the longer and more difficult, but correct, path.
We have introduced the True North programme from LKG upwards, in varying degrees to suit student understanding. This will be a part of the curriculum and will be taught as a subject. We urge all parents to become a part of this programme and help their children in assimilating the learning from this curriculum. Today, here and now, we have a chance to shape who they will become in the future.

The following character strengths will be part of the curriculum:
1. Fairness & Respect
2. Courage
3. Confidence
4. Self-discipline
5. Soft skills (Caring, Sharing)
6. Gratitude
7. Curiosity
8. Humour

True North trait - Humour

Dated: 19th December, 2021

The students of grades 3 ,4 and 5 made masks of funny characters in their True North class and performed storytelling/act related to their masks. They did this activity under the True North trait - Humour

True North trait - Humour

Dated: 12th December, 2021

As we began a new character trait(humour) in our True North classes, the 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' activity helped us to kick start the fun.
It is a  game in which a blindfolded player, holding a paper tail, is turned around several times before a large picture of a tailless donkey. The player then attempts to locate in order to pin the tail in place .
The children of grades 6 to 9 were blindfolded and they had to attempt sticking or pinning the tail over the picture of the donkey's rear end one by one.

"DIY baskets of laughter"

Dated: 08th December, 2021

A basket of laughter is sure to result in smiles!
In our lowest moments, we need some smiles and some laughter. The students of grades 5 to 9 made their own DIY baskets of laughter. They added the funniest things in their baskets; the books that make them laugh, the toys which result in giggles, jokes, riddles, and many more.

True North: Grade 2
Character Trait: Growth Mindset

"The Amazing Talent Show"

Dated: 25th August, 2021

"Excellence is not being you best; it is doing your best!"
The children of grade 2 showcased their different talents; everyone performed so well. It was fun to watch them. To achieve a growth mindset, it helped them to understand that they can do many things which are their strengths. Also, that they are filled with talent.

The children put up a great show!

True North: Grade 2
Character Trait: Growth Mindset

Dated: 25th August, 2021

Dot/Circle Drawing: The children of grade 1 made amazing drawings just with the help of dots/small circles. They were not supposed to use/make lines to draw. This activity helped them to learn something new in order to understand Growth Mindset.

True North- Character Building Programme

Dated: 08th May, 2021

"Good character is a way of life."
As a school, we believe that through our guidance, children can develop positive character traits and common values, enabling them to become strong, confident individuals and contributing members of our society. They learn how to empathize, help and care for others, regulate their emotions, and solve conflicts.

It’s the type of learning that starts and never really ends. These are the building blocks for children’s future success not only in school, but in life.

This year, we are focusing on two very important character traits- 'Self-Control & Growth Mindset'. The following activities were done in the month of April:

Grade-1: Self-Control

Lemon Eating Challenge
Face the Cookie Challenge
Layer it up Challenge
Orchestra- Follow My Lead
Balance the Coins
Freeze Dance

Grades 2 to 8: Growth Mindset

Chat with the Brain
Bubble Gum Brain
Backward Alphabet
Building a Pyramid
Lemonade and Sandwich Making
3-2-1 Exercise:
-What are 3 things I've learned?
-What are 2 things I want to learn?
-What is 1 question I still have?

True North- Building Character

Dated: 06th March, 2021


Mirror Image: One child will be the person and others become the mirror. The students who are the mirrors should mimic the other student’s movements, facial expressions, etc. just as if they were a mirror. They’ll really have to pay close attention and be aware of their body movements!

Adventure Trips: Taking children on an Adventure Trip which is just imaginary is more fun than a real trip. Your words and their actions do it all. Beginning with packing their stuff, carrying a map, water, food, etc. And then the journey starts with biking, climbing up and down mountains, bathing in a river, rock climbing, meeting some animal friends on the way, singing and dancing, camping at night, bonfire, snowfall, they do it all but in imaginations. It's fun!

Cookie Face Challenge: The "Face the Cookie Game" is a true test of balance and muscle coordination. You can play this one just about anywhere, with any group and any age/skill level. It's the perfect party game for all occasions. Lean your head back and place one cookie in the center of your forehead. When the one-minute timer begins, you must move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your facial muscles and the forces of gravity.

Colour-Matching Freeze Dance: In this variant of the freeze game, kids don’t just stop dancing when the music stops. The leader says a color, children find any object of that color and come back to their freeze position.


Snakes and Ladders: Have you ever played 'Snakes & Ladders' on values? This one is more interesting and enjoyable than the regular one. It is a visual representation of how much easier it is to do the wrong things than the right ones. The virtues like Sympathy, Unity, Patience, Courage, Generosity, Praise, Honesty, Confession, Compassion, etc. are all located in squares at the bottoms of ladders.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Children are asked about one strength and one weakness. And then, they were asked to change that weakness into strength, too. This is done with the help of 'Growth Mindset' and the power of 'yet'.

Snakes and Ladders

Dated: 30th December, 2020

Snakes and Ladders originally known as 'Moksha Patam', is an ancient game having its roots in morality lessons. The students of grades 4,5,7 and 8 played this game with the magical True North effect. They took turns to roll the dice. The rule of the game was if their counter landed at the bottom of a ladder, where we have moral virtues like Honesty, Respect, Care, Self-Control, Responsibility and many more, they would move up to the top of the ladder but if their counter landed on the head of a snake, where we have vices like Impatience, Telling a Lie, Dishonesty, using wrong words and many more, they would slide down to the bottom of the snake.

This game is a playful way to initiate discussions on moral values and behaviour. It provides the opportunity to explore the feelings related to a wide variety of personal experiences. So, it helped the students in understanding how certain attitudes, behaviours, and values are linked to their consequences.

Vision Boards

Dated: 8th December, 2020

The students of grades 4 and 5 prepared their own Vision Boards related to their True North class. In the vision boards, they presented their wishes and future plans. They also pasted pictures related to their dreams, their goals, what they want to become and also what they want to achieve in their lives.

Dated: 3rd February, 2020

Under the "True North" programme,the students of grade 2 & 3 tried to tell good and positive quality  of their friend. They were asked to sit in a circle holding their hands. They had to tell positive things about the friend whose hand they holded. They were taught this activity under one of the "True North" trait-Optimism or Positive thinking.

Treasure Hunt

Dated: 26th November, 2019

The students were made to participate in treasure hunt as a part of their ongoing trait i.e curiosity in True North.All the students from grade 4-8 were divided into different groups. They were asked to find the final prize from the clues given to them. They were thoroughly excited while doing the activity and were even curious to have another one as soon as possible.

Trust - Test without an invigilator

Dated: 7 November, 2019

As we are taking forward TRUST as a character trait, Grade 3 conducted a test without an invigilator in both the sections. "We are honest/ I am honest" was written on the board, and the students took the pledge before starting the test. The teachers were not in the classroom during the test. Students shared that being faithful gave them a feeling of joy. The environment was calm and quiet and students felt more confident and responsible.

Trust Walk

Dated: 6th November, 2019

The students of Grade 2 and Grade 3 learned Trustworthiness in their True North class through an interesting activity named "Trust Walk". Minor obstacles were created and students were arranged in pairs. One of them was blindfolded, and the other has to guide him the path through minor obstacles. Blindfolded participants must rely on instructions given to them in order to avoid various obstacles.The Trust Walk Activity is an effective team building activity involving leadership and building trust.

A Trip to my School
Character Trait- Gratitude
Grades- UKG & 1

Dated: 29th September, 2019

As a part of their True North period, children were taken on a visit to the school premises for the trait ‘Gratitude’. They were shown the places they were yet not been to. As expected, they were amazed to see the Bigger Classrooms and the different learning corners inside them, the Science lab, Computer lab, Staff Rooms, senior classes. After that, they were taken to the Theatre Room where they were entertained by our ‘Senior Theatre Group’ who enacted as their favorite cartoon characters. As a reward for maintaining discipline, they were taken to their most favourite ‘Jhoola Baari’. And, what could be better than popcorn after a long visit. To recall, they were asked what all did they see and what are things or places or people(in school)they think they are grateful for (or can be) and why.

Self control- Don't touch the bubbles

Gratitude towards body parts

Gratitude towards teachers- teaching younger children


Self control- stop dance when the music stops

Grade 8 - True North - Growth Mindset


The students of Grade 8 learnt how to change a tyre of a car . The activity which they did is related to the True North wherein the children are learning about growth mindset and understanding the power of Yet . They were given a set of instructions to be followed while changing the tyre. Also,they were very enthusiastic to learn how to use the tool kit.