Green Campus

The school building is surrounded by vast play fields and lush green lawns where the students take part in both organized team sports and free play. The equipment used in the play areas meets all prescribed safety standards. The lawns are used by the children during the lunch break when they are out and about.

Jhoola Bari

There are swings, slides and climbing structures which allow the children to develop control in moving, climbing and balancing. The students are under constant supervision of a team of well qualified teachers.


Sand pit

Before the advent of modern day toys, children used to play outdoors and find creative methods of playing with elements of nature, sand being one of them. In a sand pit, children enjoy themselves for hours as they dig, shape, furrow, and experiment with their own unique creations in the great outdoors. Playing with sand helps develop their physical capabilities and stretches their imagination. They enjoy as they manipulate the dry or wet sand into imaginary shapes and objects.