Kalpana 2019

Exhibitions are opportunities where ideas begin to bloom for the development of the world. The Annual Exhibition named ‘Kalpana’ was held on 5th October, 2019 at our school. It is organized every year with a view to encourage and inculcate a scientific temper amongst the students. It is a collection of various activities. Each student in each class gets an equal opportunity to showcase the work and creativity which helps them to be confident and smart.
Preschoolers presented their individual booklets. Foundation had the topic ‘Animals’. The LKG students talked about ‘Objects starting with the initials of the names’. UKG had the topic Manners and Etiquette. The students of UKG also spoke about the way we should carry  ourselves in different social areas. Students displayed the good manners like table manners, washroom manners, how to behave at home or in public. Grade 1 to 3 presented on Gratitude and self-control and performed very well .
The students of grade 4 and 5 were involved in science experiments like colour density tower, testing of starch, image projector, a guessing corner and many more. The students got a lot of exposure  which filled them with curiosity and enthusiasm. The students themselves performed as well as explained all those experiments.
The students of grades 6 to 10 were involved in science experiments and robotics. They showed various amazing experiments in the science lab which included DNA extraction, graphite car, hot ice formation, making of bio plastic, Magnetic Oscillator many more experiments were showcased. The robotics students made Bluetooth car, Ultrasonic car, Door open/close and many more. .The parents of the students appreciated the efforts and hard work of the children. The competitors from other schools who had come for various inter-school competitions were also amazed to see the efforts made by our students.
Our school also held an inter-school art and theatre competition. The art competition was based on various topics according to the different classes. Grade 1 to 3 had topic ‘Butterfly scene/underwater scene’, Grade 4 to 6 had topic ‘Forest Scene/Historical Monument’, Grade 7 to 10 had topic ‘ Swachh Bharat/Dream India. Students made fabulous drawings and paintings which was really something out of the world. In Inter-School Theatre Competition students were categorized into 2 parts. Grade 4 to 6 had topic ‘Water conservation’ and Grade 7 to 10 had topic ‘Mobile Addiction’. Each play had duration of 7 to 10 minutes. Judges were from different schools. Winning teams in art and theatre competition were awarded with participation and winning certificates.
Our thrill activities included Flying Fox, hoping capsules, commando crawl along with the food stalls were the main attractions.
Overall, it was a great learning as the students used their own ideas and imagination to present their projects and it was a huge success. Enthusiasm and effervescence overflowed amongst the students, their teachers and parents.