Yarn and Straw activity for kids

Dated: 17th December, 2022

In this activity, children developed their eye-hand co-ordination and fine motor skills by passing the yarn through the straw and making a necklace or bracelet.

Lacing the beads:

Dated: 20th November, 2022

It is an excellent way to strengthen the finger muscles of our children and helps learn to control the fingers. It helps in improving fine motor skills.

Sensory activity: Touch & feel

Dated: 12th November, 2022


Strawberry with cotton dabbing

Dated: 24th September, 2022


Mushroom with finger printing

Dated: 10th September, 2022


Home with shapes

Dated: 09th September, 2022


Fork printing

Dated: 27th August, 2022


Ice-cream with shapes

Dated: 27th August, 2022

Theme: Water Animal "Octopus"

Dated: 15th August, 2022

Foundation students made an octopus with the help of colorf­ul papers.
They had lots of fun while performing this activity.
This activity will help them in the fol­lowing ways:
- Improving fine mo­tor skills
- Water animals rec­ognition
- Color recognition

Sorting of shapes

Dated: 27th July, 2022



Dated: 26th May, 2022



Dated: 25th May, 2022

Sorting between Big/Small objects will improve  basic mathematical skills of the kids. Learning about size, their descriptive names and comparison will further enhance their concept understanding.


Dated: 25th May, 2022

Finger printing will boost  hand-eye coordination​ and fine motor skills  of students, which they​ need for writing.​ The cool and squishy texture of paint encourages their​ creativity and emotions​ too.


Dated: 24th May, 2022

Orange day celebration was a wonderful learning activity which helped children to sort and reinforce cognitive skills. It is the colour which symbolises enthusiasm, hope and prosperity.


Dated: 29th April, 2022

Handwriting is a complex skill that takes time to learn. Scribbling lays the foundation for handwriting. Scribbling helps children to develop their fine motor skills, improves concentration and gives fun.


Sand pit play

Dated: 29th April, 2022

Playing in the sand is terrific for developing motor skills, building hand-eye coordination, and strengthening muscles. Children exercise their fine motor skills when they learn how to properly hold a shovel in their hand. And their gross motor skills get a workout when they attempt to lift a bucket filled with sand.

Beginning of learning

Dated: 24th April, 2022

We are the YELLOW team!

Dated: 20th April, 2022


Dated: 18th April, 2022

🌿 Children of grade Foundation were explained the meaning and importance of the festival of Baisakhi.
They were informed that it is the celebration of the harvest season.

Students worked in groups to explore the important element of the celebration i.e. making of the wheat crop. It was a take away for them. The activity was enjoyed by all.

Shape: Diamond

Dated: 15th March, 2022

Diamond is not just a diamond, it can be sweets, flowers or kites as well. Foundation students learned 'kite making with earbud printing' to know the diamond shape.
This activity helped to improve their fine motor skills also.


Let's get flying little lions

Dated: 11th March, 2022

In just a small wink,
I made this paper chain link
It is all colors and pink
Did you hear it go clink, clink, clink?

Dated: 24th February, 2022

Red Light Red Light what do you say?

Dated: 15th February, 2022

Students of grade Foundation had fun while learning traffic lights.
They were thrilled to know that lights can control the movement of people and vehicles.
Following were the highlights of the activity:
- Red lights say stop.
- Yellow lights indicate to look right, left and right and to wait till the light turns green.
- Green light indicates to go/proceed.

My Chug-Chug Shapes Train goes Puff, Puff, Puff!

Dated: 04th February, 2022

Making a paper train with the help of
different shapes was a fun-filled experience and a good fine motor skills development activity for Foundation students.

Look at my Cute Nurse Cap!

Dated: 29th January, 2022


Concept: More/Less

Dated: 28th January, 2022

The students of grade Foundation learnt how to compare the objects. They first learnt how to count the objects.After counting the objects, they learnt how to check which number has more value and which one has less value. It helped them in improving the identification of numbers.


Life Skill: Towel Folding

Dated: 28th January, 2022

The students of grade Foundation learnt how to fold their hand/bathing towel and keep them aside. The activity helped them to develop fine motor skills. They had fun, while doing this activity.Also, it will help to become independent and share responsibility.

Look whooos here...

"Hoot! Hoot!"

Dated: 25th January, 2022

Incy Wincy Spider

Dated: 20th January, 2022


All set for Christmas !🤶🎄🎅

Dated: 19th December, 2021

“Sliding down for more fun!”

Dated: 19th December, 2021

Dancing is our favourite activity!

Dated: 18th December, 2021

On that farm, there was a turkey🦃
With a Gobble-Gobble here and a Gobble-Gobble there!

Dated: 08th December, 2021

Craft: Snail

Dated: 30th October, 2021

Best out-of-waste!

Dated: 11th October, 2021

We learnt to fold the paper… they turned into dolls!

Dated: 10th October, 2021




Wow! The flowers are amazing, aren’t they?

Dated: 09th October, 2021



The cow has a barn
The chick has a pen
The bird has a nest
But my home is the best!

Dated: 13th September, 2021


My colorful balloon!

Dated: 5th September, 2021


I took a Rose to print a Rose and made beautiful Roses!🥀 🌹

Dated: 01st September, 2021

Cloudy Rainbow

Dated: 22nd August, 2021

The arms on the octopus number eight,
All curled up, then pointing.

Are they all arms??
Wait… wait… wait
6 arms and 2 legs make it eight!

Dated: 16th August, 2021

"I took shapes to make mouse!"

Dated: 03rd August, 2021

DIY waste paper 'wreath'

Dated: 24th Jul, 2021

Tr- Triangle, Tr- Tree

Dated: 21st Jul, 2021


Blue water mosaic

Dated: 10th Jul, 2021

'Keeping hands clean'

Dated: 25th May, 2021

In the last two weeks, Foundation students participated in another life
skill activity, 'Keeping hands clean'. Under this activity, they learnt the importance of cleaning hands: after playing, after using the washroom, before eating and after coming from outside.
They also learnt the usage of water, soap, hand sanitisers and tissue papers/handkerchiefs to keep the hands clean and germ-free. A video containing a short story was also shared with them to make this activity more interesting and memorable.

"Ellie the Elephant, goes this way and that

She's so very big, she's so very fat!!"

Dated: 9th May, 2021

“My Mosaic Art; isn’t it bright?”

Dated: 30th April, 2021

"How are you feeling?"

We made Emojis to learn Feelings!

Dated: 27th April, 2021

Happy Baisakhi

Dated: 14th April, 2021

Firework Painting

Dated: 19th March, 2021

My Strawberry Hands!

Dated: 18th March, 2021

I can control the traffic!

Dated: 06th March, 2021

Jell 'o' Jelly Fish!

Dated: 06th March, 2021

“I made roses with my finger print!”

Dated: 02nd March, 2021

My blow paint gave her beautiful hair!

Dated: 27th February, 2021

My thumb can do wonders- Happy Fishing!

Dated: 21st February, 2021

Learning Shapes With My Train!!

Dated: 11th February, 2021

Counting with 'dominoes' sunflower!!

Dated: 3rd February, 2021

My Cool Nurse Cap!

Dated: 26th January, 2021


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Dated: 24th January, 2021

We can paint with a thread, too!

Dated: 20th January, 2021

‘The Towel Folding’

Dated: 18th January, 2020

Foundation kids took part in another life skill activity named ‘The Towel Folding’.
They learnt how to fold their own towels. For this purpose, the parents were requested to arrange one small sized towel. After performing this activity, the kids felt so enthusiastic that they started folding their handkerchiefs and other small clothes themselves only. The purpose of doing this activity was to make them independent while doing the daily chores.


Fine Motor Skills Development- "Bindi Sticking Activity"

Dated: 13th January, 2021

Star of the Sea!!

Dated: 12th January, 2021

Hey Caterpillar! Let's count, together!!

Dated: 12th January, 2021

'Keeping Things at Place'

Dated: 18th December, 2020

We held a Life Skill activity 'Keeping Things at Place' for Foundation kids. They were taught how to keep our surroundings clean. For fulfilling this purpose, the  parents were requested to arrange one messy
corner or table. The students performed many tasks under this activity. Some of them are mentioned below:
a) They kept their stationery(pencils and colours) in their respective boxes.
b) They kept toys in their toy baskets.
c) They threw waste in the dustbin.

I'm a little snowman,

Short & stout!!

Dated: 14th December, 2020







"Don't worry, Bee happy"

Dated: 10th December, 2020



"Oink oink, says my pig!"

Dated: 5th December, 2020



"Like a Diamond in my Flower!"

Dated: 27th November, 2020



"आलू कचालू बेटा कहाँ गए थे? ?"

Dated: 26th November, 2020



'Virtual Tour- Zoo'

Dated: 23rd November, 2020

The little ones of Grade-Foundation went on a virtual tour to Zoo. Children were amazed to see different animals like elephant, lion, alligator, deer, peacock and many more. To add to their knowledge, they were also informed that tiger is our national animal.

'Virtual Tours' give a more like real experience and hence, it was a joyful time for them.

Brushing Teeth

Dated: 23rd November, 2020

Throughout this month, the children of grade- Foundation were given training on an important 'life skill'- Brushing Teeth. For this, they were given training on proper brushing and it's importance. Children were also told that they should brush twice a day and the harms of not brushing their teeth.

Therefore, they shared their pictures while performing the activity.


Kites...Kites... Flying High!!

Are they...??

Well... Not Really!

Dated: 19th November, 2020


I'm a little penguin,

Two feet high...

I'm a bird,

But I can't fly!!

Dated: 28th October, 2020


Flowers, flowers... everywhere

In my garden... bringing cheer!!

Psst... I had to sharpen my pencil to get you here!""

Dated: 18th October, 2020


Fly fly fly, the Butterfly...

In the meadows, it's flying high!!

Dated: 13th October, 2020


"Miss Polly had a Dolly!"

...I have one, too!

Dated: 9th October, 2020

"I can 'Hand'le a Cow!! Moo... Moo..."

Dated: 8th October, 2020

"What's the Weather Like Today?"

Dated: 25th September, 2020

"Pink is (not only) for girls!!

...Celebrating Pink Day!"

Dated: 24th September, 2020

This is where the fun stuff happens...

""My free-hand drawing- My masterpiece"

Dated: 24th September, 2020




Roses are red...

Violets are blue!

My lovely flower basket...

How beautiful are you!!

Dated: 15th September, 2020




See the Sun shining in the window...

Time to start a new day!

I,ve got to sing out loud and say...

It's a beautiful day!!

Dated: 14th September, 2020

I scream... for Ice-Cream!!

Dated: 11th September, 2020

Pit-Pat, Well A Day...

Little Robin Flew Away!!

Dated: 10th September, 2020

'Hot' is good when it's 'Cold'!

Fall the Pyramid



Hopping in Hoops


Airplanes flying high... Are they?


Zig-Zag beads are fun!

Making 'Stars' in the shining Sun

Passing the parcel - oops! 'Ball'

Playdough Construction

Making shapes on board

Textures on Giraffe with tearing and pasting

Make the letters go hand-in-hand

We can count with cotton balls

Stacking the shapes

Making Caterpillar - Under the Theme

Knowing the Rainbow colors


Gross motor skills: Hit the number




Sorting the colors

Match the number with Popsicle sticks




Craft: Diya making



Concept: Float and Sink



Making umbrella



Yarn into straw



Ladybug on paper plate



Making kite on Independence day



Sponge Painting



Riding tricycle


Observing cloud jar


Having fun with bat and ball


Making Triangular imprints


Cross the hurdle


Jumping on numbers


Tracing on Sand Tray


Toilet Training


Free Hand scribbling


Putting pegs : Development of motor skills


Balancing body by walking on a line



Pasting clouds made of cotton



Free hand printing using newspaper



Pasting triangles in a fish



Splattering paint using balloons



Having fun with shadows



Recognising colours by picking coloured papers



Developing mind by arranging puzzles



Making imprints using balloons









Feeling cold by touching I for ice











Playing in jhoolabari









Doing leaf printing












Walking on the wet grass early morning

Fork Activity











Lacing and Beading









Making Shadows

















Shape of the Month - Square








Throwing a ball in the basket : development of gross motor skills

Inserting pegs in a board



Making Memories with their footsteps









Squeezing lemons


Feeding a lion : development of gross motor skills












Playing in a Sand Pit Area











Colouring of the Month - Yellow : Making Chicks







Development of fine motor skills - Stuffing bottles with crushed papers







Playing with play dough

Exploring Fingerprints

Each finger has a special design that makes you unique! Isn’t this amazing that no two fingerprints are alike? The activity for Grade Foundation of hand printing have them printing and exploring their own unique print.

Theme of the month: Summer & Colour Yellow

Grade Foundation understood the theme Summer and colour Yellow further by painting the Sun yellow and free hand coloring of Ice cream.


Paper Crushing

Students of Foundation had fun crushing newspaper followed by throwing it in a basket. The activity also helped them develop their fine motor skills.











Tearing And Pasting

The act of tearing encourages useful finger and co-ordination skills. In order to tear paper, students of Foundation learnt how to hold the paper between the thumb and pointing finger of each hand. They then have to move each hand in a different direction. It was followed by pasting on a sheet. They had fun!