Our secondary education program is committed to provide children with an inspiring academic experience which is student centered. In grades 6 to 9 students are taught in broad ability bands. Numerous strategies are adopted to ensure that the students are actively engaged in learning and their progress is carefully monitored through regular assessments (FGA). Scholastic evaluation is made on the basis of Periodic Assessments (four per year), performance in class activities and Subject Enrichment activities.

Our lesson plans are prepared after rigorous sessions of brain storming by the teachers keeping in mind the vision/mission of the school. The aim is to actively involve the students in a dynamic process of thinking, discovering and understanding for themselves. Ample stress is laid on making the lesson plans focused, varied and engaging. Emphasis is on interactive and cooperative learning and on devising lessons that draw on different knowledge, aptitudes and learning styles of individual students. There is a strong reading program to stimulate the habit of reading and love for literature among the students. Writing sessions are held where pupils can pen down their creativity. Also our students actively participate in the XYZ session which is specially designed for generating curiosity in their minds and to provoke them to open up and think beyond textbooks. We involve the students in various group activities categorized as A, B, C which includes music, art, theatre, robotics, cooking , gardening , calligraphy , paper recycling and sports activities including taekwondo, skating , golf, lawn tennis and chess.

How to make a braid and tie a turban

Dated: 2 March, 2020

The students of grade 5 did a life skill activity named, 'How to make a braid and tie a turban. In the activity, the girls of grade 5 learnt how to make a braid and they themselves made braids of each other. The boys of grade 5 learnt how to tie a turban. The activity was taught to them as it directly correlates to their everyday life.

News Reporting

Dated: 15th February, 2020

The students of grade 5 did an activity named, 'News Reporter'. In the activity, they did a role-play of a news reporter. They made a report on the most earthquake-prone country China. They read the news about the highest recorded earthquake in China, their earthquake warning system and the actions for preventing disasters and reduction. The activity brought the world events into the classroom and helped the students to think critically about the news.

Trip to the Meteorological Centre

Dated: 13th February, 2020

The students of grade 5 went on an educational trip to the Meteorological Centre located in sector 39, Chandigarh. The students got the opportunity to learn about the various weather measuring instruments used by the Meteorological Department. They learnt about the use of Automatic Weather Station, Anemometer, Barometer and Wind Vane. The idea behind conducting the trip was to provide practical knowledge to the students about the various techniques used by the Met department for the measurement of climatic parameters like air and soil temperature, wind speed and humidity.

Activity on how to send E- Mail

Dated: 5th February, 2020

The students of grade 5 did an activity in which they learnt how to send an email. They learnt how they can use the email to communicate with the real people within their schools, families, and communities. They made the birthday invitation cards and sent them through the email to their friends as an attachment. They understood the use of Cc and Bcc fields in the email.

Free hand drawing on the topic of terrorism

Dated: 1st February, 2020

The students of grade 7 made beautiful pictures on the topic, Aantkvaad and wrote a few lines on the same. They went  to the CMP Room to watch a poem and also shared their views on the same topic.


About Mahadev Desai

Dated: 1st February, 2020

The students of grade 9 were taken to the CMP Room and learnt more about their chapter Shukr Tare ke Sman. They also got to know about the great personality, Mahadev Desai. They also watched a poem, 'Khushboo Rachte ye Hath' in the CMP Room and also saw the pictures of the people who work at small and dirty places.


Activity on Idioms in Hindi

Dated: 30th January, 2020

The students of grade 8 were taken to the CMP Room and learnt Muhavre there. They were shown various videos of Muhavre along with the examples. They enjoyed a lot while watching the videos.


Life skill activity of sewing a button

Dated: 28th January, 2020

The students of grade 5 did a life skill activity named, 'putting a thread in a needle and sewing a button. In the activity, the students learnt how to put a thread in a needle and how to tie a knot in the thread. The activity of sewing was taught to them as it directly correlates to their fine motor mastery.


Purification of water activity

Dated: 28th January, 2020

Water is an important resource, and clean water is vital to life on the planet. To learn the importance of clean water, the students of grade 5 did an activity named, 'purification of water'. They purified the dirty water by the process of filtration. They also made their own water filter using the water bottle and cotton cloth. They had fun while doing the activity.


Refraction and Dispersion of Light

Dated: 28th January, 2020

The students of grade 8 performed the activities based on Refraction and Dispersion of Light. The students came to know about the apparent bending of a pen, apparent and real depth and dispersion of light through the glass prism.The students enjoyed the activities.


Activity- 'Properties of Air'

Dated: 24th January, 2020

The students of grade 5 did an activity named 'Properties of Air'. In the activity, the students conducted investigations about the properties of air. They explored that air takes up space, air has weight and air exerts pressure. They also explored the effect of temperature on air. They observed that air expands when it is warmed, and contracts when it is cooled. They performed the activity on their own under the supervision of the teacher.

'Let's estimate and compare' activity by Grade 5

Dated: 21st January, 2020

The students of grade 5 did an activity named, 'Let's estimate and compare'. In the activity, the students estimated the length and weight of various objects and then compared them with the actual length and weight of the objects.They understood the fact that they can estimate some lengths and distances using approximate values for measurements. For example, one metre is approximately the length from our shoulder to our fingertips, if we stand with our arm outstretched. The activity taught is the the estimation skill to them which is needed in their everyday life.

Working of an electric bell

Dated: 18th January, 2020

The students of grade 7 were taken to the Science Lab to demonstrate the working of an electric bell and the components of an electric circuit for example Ammeter, Voltmeter, Battery, Switch and Bulb. They were shown the filament of the bulb and were asked to find out the symbol of Tungsten from the Periodic Table. It was a good learning experience for them.


Dated: 18th January, 2020

Measurement is everywhere, playing a vital role in our lives. By measuring things, we can understand the world better around us. To understand the concept of measurements, the students of grade 5 did an activity named, 'Let's find out the weight and compare'. In the activity, they calculated the weight of a sparrow, elephant, whale and themselves and recorded the weights on a chart. Then, they arranged them from lightest to heaviest(ascending order) and enjoyed the activity.



Dated: 18th January, 2020

The activity teaches the role of oxygen in fire and its presence in the air. In the activity, they observed that a lit candle needs to draw oxygen from the air in order to continue burning. If we limit the amount of air available, the candle's flame eventually goes out once it uses up all the oxygen. They performed the activity on their own under the supervision of the class teacher.

Learning different types of motion

Dated: 18th January, 2020

The students of grade 6 A were taken to Jhoola Bari to demonstrate the different types of motion. They observed the motion of Roll-in Platform (Circular and Rotational), Swing (Periodic Motion) and enjoyed a lot while doing the activities.

Science Experiment

Dated: 14th January, 2020

Students of grade 8 performed activities named 'Locating an image of an object in a plane mirror' and “Multiple reflections”. They came to know that the distance between an object and an image from the mirror is the same. They also learnt how to form multiple images using plane mirrors.They had fun while performing the activities.

Activity on Laws of reflection

Dated: 10th January, 2020

The students of grade 8 were taken to the science lab to demonstrate the laws of reflection using a plane mirror, pins, paper, laser light and a protractor. The children performed the activity and noted down the readings in their notebooks.

Activity on measurement of curved surfaces

Dated: 9th January, 2020

The students of grade 6 were taken to the science lab. They took their water bottles along and used thread to measure the circumference of their water bottles. They also measured the length of a curved line using thread and divider and later noted down the readings in their notebooks.

Fun with map reading

Dated: 19th November, 2019

Students of Grade 7 started their chapter to know more about Delhi with the help of Map of India.

Practical learning on measurement

Dated: 18th November, 2019

Class 10 did an activity based on chapter mensuration. They went to jula-bari and took the measurement of different 3-D shape like a cylinder, hemisphere and a 2-D shape Circle. Then they have calculated their total surface area, volume and curved surface area. By doing this activity they learn how to take a measurement of different dimensions and how to calculate their area and volume.

Eco-friendly plantation activity by 6 and 7

Dated: 25th October, 2019

Children were made aware of Go Green Movement .They were practically taken to the kitchen garden of the school. Students of grade 6 & 7 sowed saplings of garlic and guava under the supervision of gardeners and teachers. They enjoyed this outdoor activity.