Our secondary education program is committed to provide children with an inspiring academic experience which is student centered. In grades 6 to 9 students are taught in broad ability bands. Numerous strategies are adopted to ensure that the students are actively engaged in learning and their progress is carefully monitored through regular assessments (FGA). Scholastic evaluation is made on the basis of Periodic Assessments (four per year), performance in class activities and Subject Enrichment activities.

Our lesson plans are prepared after rigorous sessions of brain storming by the teachers keeping in mind the vision/mission of the school. The aim is to actively involve the students in a dynamic process of thinking, discovering and understanding for themselves. Ample stress is laid on making the lesson plans focused, varied and engaging. Emphasis is on interactive and cooperative learning and on devising lessons that draw on different knowledge, aptitudes and learning styles of individual students. There is a strong reading program to stimulate the habit of reading and love for literature among the students. Writing sessions are held where pupils can pen down their creativity. Also our students actively participate in the XYZ session which is specially designed for generating curiosity in their minds and to provoke them to open up and think beyond textbooks. We involve the students in various group activities categorized as A, B, C which includes music, art, theatre, robotics, cooking , gardening , calligraphy , paper recycling and sports activities including taekwondo, skating , golf, lawn tennis and chess.

Dated: 18th November, 2019

Class 10 did an activity based on chapter mensuration. They went to jula-bari and took the measurement of different 3-D shape like a cylinder, hemisphere and a 2-D shape Circle. Then they have calculated their total surface area, volume and curved surface area. By doing this activity they learn how to take a measurement of different dimensions and how to calculate their area and volume.

Eco-friendly plantation activity by 6 and 7

Dated: 25th October, 2019

Children were made aware of Go Green Movement .They were practically taken to the kitchen garden of the school. Students of grade 6 & 7 sowed saplings of garlic and guava under the supervision of gardeners and teachers. They enjoyed this outdoor activity.