Co-Curricular Activities

Combined Assembly

A combined assembly was conducted on 13.4.22 for grade 1 to 10 .It was the first assembly after the reopening of school after pandemic.The students were excited and participated enthusiastically. In the assembly ,the importance of special days of the month of April like​ Baisakhi,Dr.Ambedkar Jayanti and Good Friday were shared with the students.
The name of the winner house was also announced.Sanyam house was declared as the winner house of the year 2021-22. A trophy was presented to the house master along with the house teachers and students in the assembly by the Vice Principal.

Combined Assembly

On 2.3.2020,there was a combined and last assembly of this session for grade 2 to 9 in the school ground.The students were given crowns for reader of the month of February.The house winner of the session 2019-2020-Sanyam house was given the trophy.The students also enjoyed the P.T drill under the guidance of P.E teacher.Our Principal Sir concluded the assembly by giving best wishes and tips for the annual exams.

House boards

Date: 1 February, 2020

The students of grades 7, 8 and 9 updated their house boards related to the Padma Shree Awardees of 2020. Each house was given two awardees to research on and they brought the information related to them as to why they were awarded, what was their inspiration and their character strengths. The students were very enthusiastic while researching about them. They were motivated by the strength of will of those important people. Each house's students put up their boards in a beautiful manner with maximum details to make the boards self-explanatory.

Art Competition

Date: 18 January, 2020

On the ocassion of Republic Day ,students of Gr 1 to 9 actively participated in the inter house competitions on 18.1.2020.Gr 1 and 2 participated in Art competition.The theme was "Flag making".Vivek house was the winner followed by Sanyam,Nyaya and Saahas.There was Poster making competition among gr 3 and 4.The theme given to them was" Republic Day".In this Sanyam house was the winner followed by Nyaya,Saahas and Vivek.Slogan writing competition was conducted among gr 5 and 6.Students were asked to write a slogan on the topic"Freedom".In this group,Vivek house was the winner,followed by Saahas,Nyaya and Sanyam houses.Gr 7 to 9 students participated in a Quiz competition.There were MCQ questions conducted in 4 rounds.There were audio visual rounds too along with audience questions. Saahas house was the winner. Sanyam and Nyaya houses shared the second position. Vivek house was third.

Quiz Competition

On Saturday,18.1.2020,Inter house quiz competition was conducted between the grades 7 to 9.The questions of quiz competition were asked in 4 rounds.The questions from the first two rounds were taken from their G.K and Social science syllabus.The next two rounds were  based on recent current affairs and sports news.There were audio visual questions too.Each question had 4 options and the team was given 20 seconds to answer it.There were question for audience too after every round.The children of all the houses included non participants enthusiastically participated in the competition.The winner house was Saahas, Sanyam and Nyaya houses shared the second position and Vivek house was declared third.

Saturday Morning Workout- I’m in… Are you in??

Dated : 7th December, 2019

Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.- Exercise makes me Happy!

The beautiful Saturday morning started with a lovely workout. The children of Grades 2 to 5 enjoyed doing a ‘Mass PT’ as a part of their ‘House Activity’.  On the beats of drum, not just the children but their teachers too, performed various exercises. They assembled class-wise in different lanes which made it a wonderful view. to start with, they were taught how to properly stand-at-ease and then, switch to ‘attention’ position. The prime focus was on their positioning and co-ordination. And then of course, the exercises, which definitely improve the physical fitness but at the same time, also help to inculcate self-discipline among the children.

At ATS Valley School, with great morning comes a great exercise!!

Dated : 3 August, 2019

During the house period,the students of grade 1 and 2 did an art work related to Independence Day.The students of grade 3 and 4 made beautiful rakhis in their respective classes.They did the activity by using newspapers,scrap sheets and origami sheets.The students of grade 5 to 10 participated in the poster making competition.The topic given to them was-Independence Day or Patriotism. Among the students of grade 5 and 6, Saahas house stood first,followed by Vivek, Nyaya and Sanyam. Among the students of grade 7 to 10-Sanyam house stood first,followed by Vivek, Nyaya and Saahas.


Best out of waste

Dated : 20 July, 2019

The students did activities using newspapers to spread awareness for using eco-friendly materials.The students of Grade 1 and 2 enjoyed doing 'Cut and Paste' activity .They drew and cut images on the newspaper and pasted them in their scrap sheets. The students of Grade 3 to 6 participated in "Best out of waste" competition, they made beautiful things using newspaper and showed their creativity. In this activity,Sanyam house was the first,second was Nyaya house followed by Vivek and Saahas.
The students of Grade 7 to 10 enjoyed doing 'Dress Drafting' by using newspaper,the students were divided into groups,one student from each group wore a dress made by the students of the same group.It was amazing to see their creativity.All the houses did a remarkable work.The first position was shared by Saahas and Nyaya house.The second position was shared by Sanyam and Vivek house.

House activity and competition

Dated : 6.7.19

The students of grade 1 and 2 enjoyed playing a friendly football match in their house period. The students of grade 3 and 4 participated in Dodge ball. The game was played house wise. The winner house was Vivek, followed by Saahas, Sanyam and Nyaya.
The students of grade 5 to 10 enjoyed in an ad-enacting competition. The students were divided into groups and were given a topic on the spot and had to enact on the same. The winner house from grade 5 and 6 was Nyaya, followed by Saahas, Vivek and Sanyam. From grade 7 to 10, the winner house was Vivek, the second was Nyaya and the third position was shared by Saahas and Sanyam.

House activity - Earth Day

Dated : 20 April, 2019

In the month of April, a house activity was conducted in the school for celebrating Earth Day.Grade 1 and 2 did art work,Grade 3 to 6 students did creative writing(poem,paragraph writing,short essay etc), Grade7 to 10 students made beautiful posters and wrote slogans on given topics. Saahas house students were given the topic-Noise pollution, Sanyam house-Land pollution, Vivek house-Water pollution and Nyaya house-Air pollution. The house boards were displayed accordingly.


Dated : 14 February 2019

An Inter house extempore competition was held in the month of February 2019 at the school. Grade 1 and 2 had their Show and Tell competition. Grade 3 and 4 spoke either on "Seasons" or "Festivals". Topics given to Grade 5 and 6 were "If i am stuck in a forest..... " or "If i had a magic pen...". "Harmful effects of social media" or "Importance of Life skills...." were the topics given to Grade 7 to 9. All the four houses namely Nyaya, Sanyam, Vivek and Saahas participated enthusiastically.


Dated : 18 January 2019

An Interhouse "Extempore competition" was held between classes 3 and 4 . All the students participated and were judged on different parameters. The topic given to them were- Clock, My best friend, My favourite book, My favourite game and My school. The topics were written on the chits. Each student were ask to pick up one chit and had to speak about the topic they got. In this, Saahas house got 1st position, 2nd was Vivek house, 3rd was Nyaya house and 4th Sanyam house.


Dated : 16 January 2019

An Interhouse "English Poetry Competition" was held between students of classes 5 and 6. One participant was there from each class of each house. The topic given was "Respect". Nyaya and Sanyam houses shared the 1st position while 2nd position was shared by Saahas and Vivek houses.

An Interhouse "Hindi Poetry competition" was held between students of classes 7 to 10. The topic given was "Veer ras".One student from each house was a participant from these classes. Sanyam house got 1st position, Nyaya house was 2nd,vivek house got 3rd and Saahas house got 4th position.


ATS Valley School conducted INTER HOUSE RANGOLI MAKING COMPETITION for Grade 5 - Grade 10 at their school campus. All the four houses namely - Vivek, Nyaya, Sanyam and Saahas enthusiastically participated in the event and the school was looking resplendent with colors.

Story Writing

Storytelling is an age old practice which is used till date to communicate and connect with masses. It is a powerful tool as it provides ideas to identify important details and comprehend better. With this thought, our school ATS Valley, Dera Bassi organized a storytelling and story writing activity as a part of an Inter House Activity on Saturday, 18th of August. For this, the classes were divided into four groups:

Group A - Classes 1 and 2
Group B - Classes 3 and 4
Group C - Classes 5 and 6
Group D - Classes 7 to 10

Storytelling activity was done with Group A. Different stories like Ugly Duckling, Tsomo and Momo were said with their morals. The children enjoyed a lot. Groups B, C and D wrote stories. Age appropriate opening lines were given to them. They had an option to write the story either in English or in Hindi. Word limit was set for the groups. Group B - 100 words, Group C - 150 words and Group D - 200 words.

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