Satisfied Parents

Parent's Feedback:

Grade Foundation:

Aarvi Singla:

  1. In this tough period too, school has managed to impart quality education to the children.

  2. I find the school so cooperative with all the children and parents and wish that it reopens as early as possible.

Aviraj Singh:

    1. We are thankful to the school as children are able to make the most of this time by attending classes.

    2. Our child is under three years old and we really wonder how the teachers have managed to grab attention of such a small child; very happy with the school.

Gurbani Kaur:

  1.    We have seen lot of development in our child. Our child speaks in English, recites rhymes, traces letters and numbers, takes part in PE, dances and also, eats fruits.


  1. We are happy with our child’s all-round development and are thankful to the school for this.

  2. My child loves the classes so much that she asks to join the meeting again and again.

Miraan: I am happy with online classes as initially, my child was not able to speak properly but now, he has started reciting rhymes and even tries to createhis own stories.

Mivaan Jain: We are satisfied as our child is always keen to attend his class.

Namanpreet Singh: My child loves to attend his classes and can perfectly identify colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet; all thanks to the school.

Nikunj Mehta: We are satisfied with online studies as it has helped develop our child’s confidence. He loves to attend dance and PE classes.


  1. I am very happy with all the academics, art activities, dance and PE classes being provided by the school. I am happy that even her grandmother has become more tech savvy to make her attend online class.

  2. My child has become confident and performs all her tasks independently; all thanks to the school.

Parth Sharma: Although our child is new to the school but he loves to attend the classes and has made many friends too.

Samar Bansal: I am thankful to the school as my child has started enacting and creating his own stories. He now recites rhymes and enjoys PE and Dance sessions too. in fact, he has started assuming himself to be a star.

Siddarth Bishnoi: We are happy with the school’s efforts. Our child remains busy in creative tasks and it helps channelise his energy in constructive way.

Sria Girotra: I am totally satisfied with online classes as my child is fond of telling stories and reciting rhymes. The activities are really good as they have helped improvise her fine motor skills.


  1. Initially, my child could not speak clearly but due to participation in online class activities, he has become confident. Even, his speech has become clearer.

  2. Our child has shown great improvement in last few days; we are thankful to the school.


  1. We are totally satisfied with school but as we live in a joint family, it becomes difficult for us to make our child attend the classes regularly. Also, he easily gets distracted. But whenever he attends, he keeps the whole family involved in doing his class activities like dance, art and PE.

  2. My child enjoys the story telling sessions so much that he has started enacting the stories.

Vishruth: His parents are satisfied with online curriculum of Foundation kids. They are happy to share that even after class; Vishruth continues to repeat rhymes and art activities, done in the class.

Grade LKG:

Anaisha: My child is very fond of her teachers’ drawings; she always waits for the drawing class.

Anika: My child can now read better than before

Daivik Shah: Since the online classes have started, my child has shown great improvement in speaking skills.

Hiten Saini: My child has shown great improvement.

Jasmeen Kaur: My child has mproved  a lot.

Mehar Bajwa: My child is always happy during the class and has improved a lot in drawing.

Nimrat Gill: My child loves online classes.

Nihal Singh: My child is always eager to join the class.

Pulkit Sharma: My child tries to read everything he comes across.

Samyra Rajput: My child has improved a lot in reading since she has started attending online class.

Shubhangi: Our child is doing well and is always waiting to join her class

Samaira: My child is fond of reading; always waits to attend the class

Grade UKG:

Aaradhaya Chauhan: I am satisfied and happy with online classes.

Anamaya Mehta: We are fully satisfied since online classes are a new way and experience for the children.

Ashvi Dubey:

1. I am fully satisfied and happy with the online classes. We appreciate the efforts of the school’s management and teachers. It’s helping the children learn lots of new things, even at home also.

2. We are highly satisfied and happy with the online classes. All the concepts are clear to my child.

Advait Kumar:

1. We are fully satisfied with online classes; it has helped our child become more responsible and he has developed a habit of sitting and attending the class.

2. We are satisfied and have been noticing positive changes in our child. He has become more responsible in doing his work.

Ashmeen Kaur: I am satisfied and happy with online classes.

Sarvi Katoch: I am fully satisfied; your online classes are the best utilization of time and work.

Riyansh: I am highly satisfied with the process of teaching and concept clearance.