Masti ki Pathshala- Grade 1

Students of Grade 1A of ATS Valley School, Dera Bassi showed their caliber and talent in Masti ki Pathshala on 2nd August 2018.They taught their parents on the topic-“Clean ,Fit and Healthy”. Students spoke about cleanliness,exercise, yoga and various ways of becoming fit and healthy. They amazingly spread all these messages through a song “Shine clean dance” and a small informative play on “How to become fit and healthy ?

The tiny tots started their Masti ki Pathshala with a song and pledge. The pledge was to make a promise to themselves that they will follow the rules of cleanliness in the class and outside the school too. Then they encouraged the parents to do breathe in –breathe out exercise for 2 minutes to feel relaxed. They also showed the demonstration of how to clean teeth (the various brush movements) and also how to wash hands. Students also explained the parents that our body is made of 70% water, and the importance of water in our body. Apart from this , the most important is to take a sound sleep of atleast 7-8 hours.

Along with the Chalk and talk method of teaching with delivering of dialogues on the mike, students showed their creativity on cleanliness in the art corner by making models of brush and denture of teeth , fruits and vegetables made of clay. They have also made their own laminated table mats which they will use in school during lunch. In the IT corner they showed videos to the parents on the related topic. Last but not the least the students gave a “thank you “ card to their parents to show their gratitude.


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Masti ki Paathshala – Grade 2

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Students of grade 2 performed Masti ki Pathshala with great enthusiasm. They were very excited and worked very hard with their efforts. The topic was – we need shelter. Students started the program with a warm welcome of their parents by singing a song on “ My Home”. They added a lot of laughter in the paathshala with a small play on Kachcha house and pucca house. Students taught their parents by using various teaching methods like chalk and talk, IT corners and art area. Parents were amazed to see the hard work done by their kids in making beautiful models of different houses like the hut, bungalow, igloo, stilt house, houseboat, tent. It was a great learning with a lot of fun.

Masti ki Pathshala- Grade 3

Students of Grade 3 of ATS Valley School, Dera Bassi performed Masti ki Pathshala with great enthusiasm. Every student from the class came to the podium and taught their parents. The topic was- “Our body- a living machine”. The students collaboratively worked in teams and prepared six models of different organ systems of our body, using the same, they explained the concept very well to their parents. The Pathshala initiated with the explanation of the topic i.e the body, then moving ahead to different organs and then to the organ systems. The topic was integrated to the value gratitude and they performed a small skit expressing their gratitude towards their parents for giving them birth and a wonderful life.Our very curious students also used the I.T Corner to explain about the small and large intestine. At the end they sang a melodious song on gratitude.It was a great learning for them with a lot of fun.


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Masti ki Pathshala- Grade 4

The students of Grade 4, ATS Valley School, Dera Bassi participated in Masti Ki Pathshala  with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. They worked hard on each project  i.e. Presentation, song, skit,  Art Projects that involved our topic – Animals & Their Adaptations. Our inquisitive & intrigued students first learned about various animals and their habitats  thoroughly, and then worked harmoniously as a team  to teach the same to their respective parents. Kids had also decorated a gratitude tree by writing on different pieces of chart paper, cut in the form a leaf mentioning  what they were thankful for. It was placed right at the entrance of the class  where each parent could look at it  as and when they enter the class. At the end of the skit, the whole team expressed their gratitude for animals, realizing and  accepting that they are  man’s Best Friend and should not be harmed. They also used the I.T corner to find out more related questions and answers and explained the same to the parents.  The whole process of preparing and teaching was a great learning experience for the kids.


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Masti ki Pathshala- Grade 5

The students of Grade 5 of ATS Valley School, Dera Bassi presented Masti Ki Pathshala on the topic-Changes around us. Students made a presentation and models on how we all are polluting the environment, they also presented a skit and a song on how important is our mother earth and how we can preserve it.Parents appreciated the efforts of the children.


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The inter-school robotics Competition “IRONBOT- 2018” was organized on July 28, 2018, by St. Soldiers International Convent School. Each participating school was required to send teams of three students each categorized according to their age groups. Students of ATS Valley School also participated in the following competitions: Robo-Fight, Robo-Race, and Tug of war.
The event is aimed at bringing awareness among students about the latest technology in robotics and their applications. The students were required to visualize, think, manage and solve problems related specifically to the field of Robotics Engineering, and science in general.
We are proud to share that our school won the first prize in the Tug of War competition. Congratulations to our team for their remarkable achievement!!


ATS Valley School invited Shri Satya Narayan Pradhan, IPS, Jharkhand cadre, 1988 batch as the expert guest speaker to address the issue of internet and computer-related crimes. An interactive session was held at the school on March 8, 2017, for the students wherein Shri Pradhan briefed them about the various cyber crimes, malware, hackers as well as the other computer –disabling methods through which personal information is stolen and misused. He spoke in detail about how internet users, especially teenagers, can deal with bullies, social media harassment, profile hackers on websites/portals such as Facebook. The expert encouraged the students to join hands to protect themselves, their families and community against such threats. Sri Pradhan has held important ranks with the Indian Police Services and is the recipient of the IPM (Indian Police Medal) and the PPM (President’s Police Medal). He has played an instrumental role in setting up a state of the art cybersecurity lab in Jharkhand. ATS Valley School proudly joins him in his mission of disseminating critical awareness vis ︡a vis internet safety and protection.

Workshop on Creating Healthy & Innovative Meals for Children

Feeding your child a balanced, nutritious and wholesome meal is an uphill task for any parent. TV commercials, social media, and peer pressure encourage bringing on fast food and most of the meals that children carry to school are built around convenience. However, we cannot negate the fact that a nutritious, healthy diet has a profound effect on both the physiological as well as the psychological well being of the child. We need to understand that craving for French fries or burgers and an aversion to green veggies is not a congenital disorder. Children are not born with it! It is imperative that we as parents and mentors reprogram our children’s eating habits and guide them towards developing a healthier relationship with food. ATS Valley School took the initiative of organizing a workshop for the parents of the elementary school students on May 12, 2017, to discuss ways that can help them create healthy yet innovative meals for their wards. Chef Kulvinder Singh (Bawa), a Gastronome & Culinary specialist was invited to conduct the workshop. His 20-years experience in the culinary world; passion for innovating healthy food has brought him great recognition at national and international levels. He qualified for the MasterChef India contest twice in the year 2013 & 2016. His exclusive array of recipes earned him the title of ‘Food Guru’ from the judges of the MasterChef India contest; Vikas Khanna, Kunal Kapoor, and Sanjeev Kapoor. He is also the winner of the Kurkure Pepsi Family Express contest where star foodies, Rocky and Mayur, judged his culinary expertise. We at ATS Valley wish to present our students the opportunity to grow into healthy, confident and well brought up adults.

Kalpana 2017

ATS Valley School, Derabassi organized its annual science exhibition and adventure activities titled ‘Kalpana& Thrill 2017’ in the school premises on October 7. The students from all classes participated in this event and showcased their creativity and ingenuity.  The students of grades 5-9 put up various exhibits, working models and live robots designed by them. The pre primary graders chose topics like ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’; air pollution, birds and animals, means of transport for their exhibits besides designing some very interesting DIY games and the ATS Bank.
The highlights of the event were the adventure activities such as rappelling, Zorb roller, soft archery, wall climbing, Flying fox and Burma Bridge etc. The idea behind organizing this event was to acquaint the students with the importance of science in their daily lives and make them resilient both physically and mentally. It helped improve their ability to work as a team besides making them more tenacious, agile, and adventurous and most importantly, get over their fear of heights.
Inter-school theater and art competitions, Rang Malhaar, were also held which witnessed active participation from various school of the tricity. The event was open to the parents who were highly impressed by the creativity, hard work and confidence of the children.

Roller skating competition

The All India Roller Skating Championship, 2017 was held on April 28th -30th at the Sports Complex, sector 69, Mohali. About 3000 students in the age group of 8-10 year representing a various school of the tricity participated in the competition. Aryavir Singh Narula of Grade 5 from the ATS Valley School bagged the silver medal in the competition.

Pre-Primary Annual Day 2017

The Pre-Primary students of ATS Valley School celebrated their Annual Day on 28th October 2017 with great enthusiasm and zest. The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and the Principal’s speech. This was followed by a welcome song by the students of UKG. The tiny tots captured the hearts of the audience with the enactment of three plays that brought to life the stories of – Monkey and the Cap- seller, Three Little Pigs and Billy Goats Gruff. Music and dance added flavor to their theatrical performances. Every child participated and made it a beautiful spectacle worth a watch. The little ones held the entire show with commendable confidence, their convincing acting skills, charm, and vibrancy. This speaks volumes about the dedication of the school in creating well groomed and confident citizens of tomorrow.