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This is an innovative and exciting session which adds to the list of creative activities happening at ATS Valley School. It plays a very significant and effective role in the upbringing of the kids studying in the school. The basic premise of this activity is that every class from Grade 1 on wards has to give a question to their respective class teachers. The question has to begin with the word 'Why'. The purpose of this exercise is:

i) to help develop curiosity in the child.
ii) to encourage the child to learn more by asking questions.
iii) to help develop their research and reasoning skills.
iv) to help boost the confidence of the child.
v) to make stronger the bond between the teacher and the child.
vi) to encourage the child to become observant.

Every student is provided an opportunity to submit his or her question. This activity is done on a daily basis. Each child brings a question and this question is displayed on the notice board the whole day.

The very next day, a rigorous discussion between the students and their respective class teachers takes place and the answers are explained. This innovative method of spreading knowledge not only benefits our students and staff members but also the parents and friends of the students.

Please note that the rationale behind choosing one question for the website out of all the questions asked is that question which is based on a child's observation and not the question which is being taken out of a book/encyclopedia.

Grade 3 A

1. Why living things are born small and why do they grow? Asked by Rishika on 09.5.23


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Grade 1 A

1.Why we cannot hold the sun rays? Asked on 20.2.20

2. Why plants grow faster than us? Asked on 12.2.20

3. Why some festivals have fixed date, some have not? Asked on 10.2.20

4. Why cold water and warm water have different taste? Asked by Zohan Hussain on 09.1.20

5. Why stick gets inverted in water? Asked by Guntas Kaur on 3.12.19

6. Why the wheat flour, which is white in colour turns brown after adding water to it? Asked by Angel Garg on 11.2.19

7.Why is the margin in our notebooks on the left side of the paper ? - Asked by Gobindeep

Grade 1 B

1. Why are smilies yellow in colour? Asked by Agamveer on 03.02.23

2.Why dogs chase their own tail? Asked on 20.2.20

3.Why we shiver in winter? Asked by Navya on 16.1.20

4. Why planes are mostly white in colour? - Asked by Ramanjot

Grade 2

1.Why can't we touch inside our eye with our finger? Asked by Reyansh on 13.7.22

2.Why wet cotton is not easy to tear? Asked on 18.2.20

3.Why coins are round in shape? Asked on 15.2.20

4.Why there is elevated line on F and J keys of keyboard? Asked on 14.2.20

5.Why earphone has one wire short? Asked on 12.2.20

6.Why holes are made in banners and hoardings? Asked by Chesta Gupta on 09.1.20

7.Why soaps are of different colours but foam is white only? -Asked by Akshita on 12.9.19

8.Why vehicles do not start easily in winters? - Asked by Sehajnoor kaur

9.Why airport runway have lights of different colours? - Asked by Divyansh Sharma

10.Why animals are scared of fire? -  Asked by Kanav Singh Rawat

11.Why ice does not melt in a thermocol box ? - Asked by Samriddh Mago

12.Why do people of African origin have curly hair ? - Asked by Kanav Singh Rawat

Grade 3

1. Why do our lashes and brows are not growing as equal to our head hair? Asked by Hazel Chawla  on 30.8.22

2.Why do ants like sweet items? Asked by Adhrav Chauhan on 07.7.22

3.Why emergency number have always 3 digits? Asked on 20.2.21

4.Why wells are round in shape?

5. Why car steering is on left side in foreign country?

6.Why mountains are mostly triangular in shape? Asked by Joharveer on 12.12.19

7.Why we blow out birthday candles? Asked by Pratyaksh Verma on 6.11.19

8.Why are aeroplanes white in colour?Asked by Keith on 7.2.19

9.Why in a tabla one drum is small and one is big?- Asked by Gursheen on 18.01.19

10.Why does the sikh regiment salutes twice at the 26th January parade?- Asked by Ajitesh on 2.09.18

11.Why is the phrase used "Caught red handed" and not any other colour? - Asked by Nandish

12.Why children don't get pimples but teenagers do? - Asked by Altmas

13.Why only the Sunday newspaper is written as The Sunday Times and The Sunday Tribune and not on the other week days? - Asked by Ajitesh Singh Gill

14.Why does the dust on fan blades not fall down but sticks on it? - Asked by Krishi Singh

15.Why some books have one staple pin and some have more and why some don't have staples at all? -Asked by Ajitesh Singh Gill

Grade 4

1.Why wells are round in shape? Asked by Shasha Mittal on 14.07.22

2.Why are there more fastag lanes than cash lanes at toll plaza?  Asked on 24.2.21

3.Why the athletics start from different points in an athletics meet? Asked on 13.2.20

4.Why is there no E grade in report card? Asked  on 12.2.20

5.Why mobile battery when fully charged is switched off and turned on after sometime then it is not full.  Asked on 10.2.20

6.Why are vests mostly in white colour? -Asked by Samarth on 25.10.19

7.Why froth is formed on transferring milk or tea from one glass to another again and again? -Asked by Kanakjot on 2.9.19 

8. Why are JCB's yellow in colour? -Asked by Manjot on 21.8.19 

9.Why the emergency numbers are of 3 digits only? - Asked by Tanush of  Grade 4 B on 17.4.19

10.Why bicycles don't have number plates? - Asked by Dhruv Gupta

11.Why are most movie theaters located on the top floor of the mall? - Asked by Avani

Grade 5

1.  Why if we carry a 5 kg baby it's so light but if we carry a 5 kg bag it is so heavy?? Asked by Anshika Dhiman on 07.12.22

2. Why when we transport goods in ships it is called cargo and when we transport goods in cars it is called shipment? Asked by Dhairya Jagdev  on 03.11.22

3. Why the Government buildings and flats are red in color? Asked by Karanveer on 15.7.22

4.Why are banana leaves so big? -Asked by Harshpreet on 9.9.19

Grade  6

1. Why tap water becomes thinner as it falls down? Asked by Arpita  on 27.7.22

2. Why do spark colour is blue? Asked by Japjot on 14.7.22

3. Why do cars window have dots ? Asked by Priyansh Gautam on 11.7.22

4. Why do we hear a sound when we put a empty glass at our ear? Asked by Manmeet Singh Dua on 11.7.22

5. Why does the rain fall slanted? Asked by Nimrat on 03.7.22

6. Why does the tongue rest on the palate? Asked by Charanpreet on 28.4.22

7. Why books and notebooks are usually rectangle in shape but not in any other shape? -Asked by Harshita on 3.9.19

Grade 7

1. Why the sheds of factories are corrugated? Asked by Balram on 04.5.23

2. Why we get the smell of hot cooked food easily than cold food? Asked by Charanpreet on 04.5.23

3. Why do people drink milk after eating spicy food? Asked by Akshita on 05.11.22

4. Why mostly Indian train coaches are blue in colour? Asked by Arpit  on 29.7.22

5. Why I Cards are rectangular in Shape? -Asked by Lavya Dev on 30.8.19 

6. Why do we take maximum mark as even in exams? - Asked by Dhairya Verma on 3.7.19 

Grade 8

1. Why does the smoke com out of roads when it rains? - Asked by Yuvraj on 6.7.22

Grade 9

1. Why food is costly in Airport? Asked by kanika on 11.7.22

2. Why do different objects release different kind of smell on burning? - Asked by Dikshant on 4.8.19

3. Why does the colour of clothes change when we use a hot iron on them? -Asked by Tia on 8.7.19 

Grade 10

1.Why do peanuts usually have two pods? Asked by Mehareen Kaur on 9.12.19

2.Why some ice cubes are cloudy while other are transparent? - Asked by Jinesh kumar on 3.7.19