Message from the School

Another year has gone by, and we are now well into the middle of the new session. While we often look back to where our children were a year ago, the act of collecting photographs, articles, information forces us to go back in time and think. And year after year, our pride in our children increases. For their journey over the months is shaping them into the all-around personalities that we had set our sights on as a school. And year after year, we find new ways to further enhance their holistic growth. We like the challenge!

This year, there are several instances where we have added new dimensions that will affect our children positively. For class 1 and upward, we have introduced verbal and logical reasoning. In today’s world, critical thinking skills are a must-have. We aim to increase our children’s analytical ability through these exercises.

We are also increasing our focus on making our children responsible, not just towards the world around them, but more importantly, towards themselves, and taking responsibility for their own issues. These range from being responsible for their own hygiene (through nail cutting classes), to finding and framing their own answers from the text (through our innovative teaching methods- _so that teachers don’t dictate the answers to children_). As always, our focus on curiosity and self-learning through research is a favourite activity for all students as well as teachers. We encourage our parents to continue with their efforts to help their children ask questions and do research to find the answers.

As always, bringing up children well is the collective responsibility of a community. We try and do our part, and we urge parents to help us in this endeavor. Bringing up intelligent, thinking, rational and disciplined citizens is a goal well worth striving for. That is how great nations are built, one child at a time.