ATS Valley’s curriculum for primary years’ program aims at developing confidence and an understanding of children’s own strengths. Our curriculum is firmly grounded in our commitment to developing the full range of every student’s inherent aptitudes like moral, spiritual, linguistic, logical, personal, social, cultural and physical. We nurture the students in such an environment where they develop their own creative knowledge. We also help them in developing skills and competencies such as educational, technological, problem-solving to lead successful lives in today’s highly globalized world.

The primary year’s program is deliberately designed to help children develop independence and respect as they learn so that they are prepared to embrace the opportunities that are present. And as the child grows and moves through higher levels of education, it is these learning skills that will be critical to their success. At a very young age, our children are immersed in thrilling adventures, where, with every rush of adrenaline, their confidence grows. There are various strategies we use to shape our children into confident young adults. It starts with an assembly roster. Every child from Grade 1 onwards has to, by design, speak in the assembly- a poem, a story, a Doha or anything relevant to the occasion. Research says that the most common fear in the world is that of public speaking. It is our commitment to help every student overcome that fear and the results of our efforts are all too evident.

We also have a Theatre programme. Children from the Theatre group perform in front of the school on a regular basis and of course on the Annual Day. Children from Grade 1 onwards prepare small plays, which are then presented during lunch breaks.

We have adopted a child-centric approach and our curriculum is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences. Therefore we promote different areas of learning to keep in mind the fact that every child learns in a different way and at his/her own pace. In order to achieve this aim, we have introduced the “EDUCATION LAB” or “THE LEAPFROG PROGRAMME” for our students in Grades 1,2 and 3.

At the end of each month, a monthly academic update (MAU) which lists the learning outcomes that a child has acquired by the end of a particular month is handed over to the parents in writing. The knowledge, understanding, and skills attained by a student on each topic are evaluated in an ongoing and regular process. The assessment of student’s learning is made through regular teacher-student interaction and on the basis of activities that take place both in and out of the classroom.

Class Activities

Kitty Mask Activity- Grade 1

Dated: 27th August, 2022

The students of Grade I did mask making activity in which they drew the face of a cat on the cutouts and coloured it with vivid colours. They also learnt the poem ‘Little Kitty’ along with it. This fun-filled activity stimulates their creativity and imagination.

"The Land of Snow"

Dated: 09th August, 2022

The students of Grade 5 have done the speaking activity on the Podium about The Land  of Snow. They briefed about the climate, landforms, wildlife, vegetables, food, activities and  lifestyle of the people of Greenland. They had a great learning experience about Greenland by doing this speaking activity .
They enjoyed a lot.

Our world is built on biology & once we begin to understand it, it then becomes a technology

Dated: 08th August, 2022

On 4.8.22 grade 4 students visited science laboratory and studied the human digestive system. They learnt that digestive system plays a major role in our overall health as it brings nutrients to our body. Without good digestive health, one will experience a host of uncomfortable symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, indigestion, and more. This was also their first visit to the lab and was informative to the students.


Dated: 01st August, 2022

The students of grade 4 performed social science activity on beach while studying about the Coastal plains and the islands. They drew scene of a beach using their imagination and coloured it. They enjoyed the activity a lot.

"Miscible or imiscible"

Dated: 01st August, 2022

The students of grade 5 performed science experiments on miscible and imiscible liquids while studying about solids, liquids and gases. They took solids like sugar, salt, chalk powder and methylene blue and dissolved them one by one in water. They also took some liquids like Mazza, Rohafza, ink and juice and dissolved them in water using test tubes and beakers. Some of the solids and liquids get dissolved in water which means they are miscible in water whereas some did not get dissolved which means they are imiscible in water. This activity helped them to learn the concepts through practical experience. They were very excited about performing the activity in science lab and participated with full enthusiasm.

Thank you card

Dated: 25th July, 2022

Students of grade 1 enjoyed the card making activity. They learnt that we should be thankful to our family for providing a beautiful life to us. We should respect them.

"Dream house"

Dated: 23rd July, 2022

The students of grade 5 performed a science activity on houses. They drew their dream house using their imagination and coloured it. They enjoyed the activity a lot.

'Laga Matra' Punjabi

Dated: 28th May, 2022

The children of Class V 'B' made flash cards on the topic 'Laga Matra' based on their Punjabi grammar textbook.​ The children completed the work with great interest.​ Through this creative work, the children got to learnt to make correct sentence structures and they enjoyed the activity.

Show and Tell Activity

Dated: 16th May, 2022

Show and Tell Activity was organized on 10th May, 2022 to strengthen the verbal skills and to foster public speaking competency of the young minds.
The students from Grade 4 participated in this activity which helped them to build their self-confidence and self-esteem. It enabled them to improve their descriptive skills by communicating feelings, thoughts and emotions with words.
The students were informed to bring their favorite toy or any object of their choice.  They were excited to share their descriptive narration and waited eagerly for their turn to show and tell. Thus, this event helped the students to build their social, emotional and language skills.
It was an interesting and a thrilling experience for the kids sharing their feelings with their peer group which further provided fun and comfortable learning arena for everyone involved.

Earth Day

Dated: 26th April, 2022

1. Earth day is observed every year on 22 April to mark the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

2.In the Universe, Earth is the only planet where life is possible and so it is necessary to maintain this natural asset.

3.World Earth Day is celebrated to increase awareness about the importance of the planet. With this purpose, students of grade 4 did a poster making activity. They designed beautiful posters with a message to Save Mother Earth.

"Germination of seeds"

Dated: 20th April, 2022

The students of Grade 5 performed an activity on germination of seeds in science class. Sprouting of grams and pulses was done by the children .They studied the parts of seed, with the help of the germinated seeds and learnt that seeds need proper air, water and sunlight to grow. They had lot of fun while performing this activity.

Fraction House

Dated: 25th January, 2022

A fraction is a part of a whole number. The students of grade 1 did a house activity based on Fraction.  The activity was performed using colourful papers. All the students made their fraction houses by folding the papers into a whole, half, one third and quarter. They enjoyed it a lot.

"Value of Sleep on Time"

Dated: 21st January, 2022

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and
The students of grade 2 learnt  the good manners and importance of
sleep. They presented their views about value of good sleep and were
also told how sleeping on time is helpful in many ways.
They were very enthusiastic, while performing the activity.


Dated: 19th December, 2021

The students of grade 3 performed an activity on shadow. They made shadows of different animals and birds like dog, rabbit, crocodile, deer, etc. They were happy while performing the activity as they found it very interesting.


Dated: 19th December, 2021

The students of grade 3 performed an activity on ‘Stars’. They made stars on origami sheets and cut them out. Also, they wrote positive affirmations for themselves on them. They pasted them on display board and decided to read them everyday in the school. They enjoyed the activity a lot.

'Our Earth and its Neighbours'

Dated: 18th December, 2021

The students of grade 3 did an activity related to the topic 'Our Earth and its Neighbours' in Science. They were shown how day and night are caused by doing a small demonstration using a ball and a torch . The ball was considered as the earth and the torchlight was assumed as the sun's rays. The part of the ball getting the light showed that it's day and the other side showed night time.

Rotation and Revolution

Dated: 18th December, 2021

The students who were coming to school were assumed as planets ,sun and moon to make them understand the concept of rotation and revolution. They were asked to rotate and revolve around each other as planets revolve around the sun and the moon revolves around the planets. This was taken up under the lesson "Our Earth and its Neighbours" in Science.

Adolf Hitler

Dated: 18th December, 2021

The students of grade 5 did research work on Adolf Hitler and prepared a short note on an A4 size sheet . They did this activity under the topic 'The World from 1914-1945' of S.St.

Different layers of Earth

Dated: 18th December, 2021

The students of grade 4 made beautiful diagrams of different layers of Earth (crust, mantle and core) on an A4 sheet under the topic "The
Earth and its Neighbours"  of Science.

The Little Daisy

Dated: 20th October, 2021

The word daisy means day's eye. It shows the beginning of a new day. The students of grade 3 made drawings of daisies and wrote sentences about them. The students enjoyed the activity thoroughly and learnt about daisies in a creative way.

"Even & Odd Gumballs!"

Dated: 13th September, 2021

Children of grade 1 did this activity to understand the concept of 'Odd and Even' numbers better. They drew a jar with numbers as gumballs inside it. To differentiate, the even numbers were coloured 'blue' and odd numbers were coloured 'red'.
This is one of the various activities which was done to understand this concept. Other than this, they found out if their date of birth, when added, comes out even or odd and more such activities too.
Children enjoyed the activity!



"Home- The best place to be!"

Dated: 26th August, 2021

There's nothing more interesting than decorating our own houses. The children of grade 1 made 'Home, Sweet Home' door/wall hanger. Everyone did a very beautiful and creative work. They used waste material to make these hangers. This activity was associated with their EVS chapter: Home, sweet home!

The children participated with great enthusiasm and enjoyed this activity.

"Home is where our story begins”

Dated: 14th July, 2021

The magical thing about home is that it feels good to leave , and it feels even better to come back. A house is made of bricks and beams along with some hopes and dreams.
To understand the topic “We Need Shelter” in an innovative way, the students of grade 2 made models on any one type of different houses using waste materials available at home.
They were given enough time to think and plan, so that they could show those models and tell everyone about them.
They made fantastic houses using cardboard, paper, old discarded items and shared the information about what kind of house it was and what all materials were used to make it and where do we see such houses.

'Fireless cooking'

Dated: 2nd June, 2021

The students of grade 5 enjoyed doing 'Fireless cooking' by making
healthy food at home. They learnt about the importance of healthy food
and its various nutrients in the Science chapter, 'Food and Health'.

'Plants: Living and Surviving'

Dated: 2nd June, 2021

The students of grade 4 learnt about Insectivorous plants in Science
under the chapter, 'Plants: Living and Surviving'. They were asked to
draw any insectivorous plant, do some research and write a few facts
about it on a scrap sheet.

'Animals and Plants'

Dated: 2nd June, 2021

The students of grade 3 were asked to sow a few seeds in two pots.
Both the pots were taken care of, but one was kept in dark and one in
the sunlight. It was observed by them that the plant kept in sunlight
grew healthier. They learnt that air, water and sunlight are necessary
for a plant to grow. This experiment was done in Science under the
topic, 'Animals and Plants'.

Tring! Tring! ... who's speaking??

Dated: 20th May, 2021

Children of grade 1 made their own 'Telephone Book' in which they wrote the numbers of their family members, close relatives and friends too. To make it more interesting and look beautiful, they also drew or pasted the pictures of their family and friends. This project is a part of one one of their Math chapters. It is a 'Life Skill' that has given them confidence as they took pride while making it. It will also work as a ready reckoner for the children to refer to in case of any emergencies.
The children thoroughly enjoyed doing this activity with the help of their parents/guardians. They were filled with excitement and fun. As informed by few family members, children are using their 'telephone book' to make calls.

‘Plants: Increasing the Numbers’

Dated: 09th May, 2021
The students of grade 5 presented the types of seeds very creatively on a scrap sheet. They pasted two seeds each of cereals, pulses, oils and flavouring seeds. They did this Science activity to show that there are a variety of seeds and can be categorized under monocot and dicot seeds.The topic under which this activity was carried out is ‘Plants: Increasing the Numbers’.

‘Plants: Preparing and Storing Food’

Dated: 09th May, 2021
The students of grade 4 showed through an experiment that the tiny pores (stomata) present in the leaf take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen and water vapours during the process of photosynthesis. For this, they took very hot water in a vessel and put a freshly pricked green leaf into it. They observed lots of bubbles coming out of the leaf. This resulted in the fact that exchange of gases in plants takes place through stomata present on the underside of the leaf. The experiment was related to the topic, ‘Plants: Preparing and Storing Food’ . The experiment was performed under the supervision of an adult.

‘Living and Non-Living’

Dated: 08th May, 2021
The students of grade 3 showed their creativity in making a pencil holder from an old mug. They decorated the pencil stands with the things available at home. This activity was related to the Science topic- ‘Living and Non-Living’.


Dated: 07th May, 2021
The students of grade 3 made pictures of mice and coloured them beautifully. They made amazing drawings. The activity was related to the chapter, 'My Home, Your home'. In the chapter, they learnt that we should always be satisfied with what we have. They enjoyed the activity thoroughly.

Birthdate Activity Using Matchsticks

Dated: 07th May, 2021
The students of grade 3 performed an activity related to Roman Numbers. They wrote dates of their birthdays in Roman numbers using matchsticks. They enjoyed doing such a creative work and learnt about Roman numbers in an innovative way.

‘Tell about Your mother’

Dated: 05th May, 2021
The students of grade 2 performed an English activity, ‘Tell about
Your mother’. They spoke 4-5  lines about their mothers. They were
extremely excited and happy while expressing their love and gratitude
towards their mothers.

‘Desh Hmara’

Dated: 29th April, 2021
The students of grade 5 drew the National Flag of India and and coloured
it. The activity was done as a part of the Hindi poem, ‘Desh Hmara’. They also signified the importance of the three colours, Saffron, White, and Green.

'Bhasha Aur Vyakaran’

Dated: 29th April, 2021
The students of grade 4 and 5 made flash cards based on the Hindi
chapter, ‘ Bhasha Aur Vyakaran’. They described the Oral and Written
types of Language and represented them well through the flash cards.

Chandra Shekhar Azad

Dated: 29th April, 2021
The students of grade 4 coloured the picture of the famous freedom fighter, Chandra Shekhar Azad and described him in 5 sentences each. The activity was based on the Hindi patriotic poem, ‘Armaan’.

‘Our Wonderful Body’

Dated: 27th April, 2021
The students of grade 2 did an amazing activity on 23rd April of making a Hard Bone Structure inside the body(Skeleton) using toothpicks, match sticks, earbuds, or the things which were easily available at home. They cut them into small pieces and pasted them in EVS notebooks. This helped them to understand how our bone structure looks like inside our body. They also labelled the basic body parts. This activity will also help them retain the topic, ‘Our Wonderful Body’.

Food Items Chart

Dated: 27th April, 2021
The students of grade 2 made beautiful charts of food items which can be made using wheat flour. Through this activity, they got to know more about the eatables which can be made using wheat flour only. They were excited and happy while performing the activity.

Earth Day

Dated: 24th April, 2021
The students of grade 3 made posters on Earth Day. They wrote messages like plant trees, stop pollution, etc on the posters. By doing this activity, they learnt the different ways to save our natural resources.


Dated: 24th April, 2021
The students of grade 4 made charts on the topics, 'Indian Place Value System' and 'International Place Value System'.
Through this activity, they understood the difference between both systems in an innovative way.

'Numbers up to 9999'

Dated: 22nd April, 2021
The students of grade 3 performed a Math activity in which they represented 4-digit numbers on an Abacus. They drew Abacus on a paper and then represented various numbers by drawing beads on Abacus. Through this activity, they learnt how to place value of digits in 4-digit numbers. They had a lot of fun while performing the activity.


Dated: 22nd April, 2021
The students of grade 3 went on a virtual tour to many beaches. They saw little waves and big waves. They saw people surfing on the waves. They were amazed to see the ocean waves. They closed their eyes and imagined themselves being at a beach. They listened to the calming sound of waves moving across the shore. They had an amazing experience.

'Living and Non-Living

Dated: 22nd April, 2021
The students of grade 3 made collages using colourful pictures of living/non-living things on scrap sheets. The activity was related to their Science chapter, 'Living and Non-Living. They enjoyed doing the activity and it also helped them in understanding the topic well.


Dated: 21st April, 2021
"Sunlight" is an important source in the process of photosynthesis that takes place in plants. To make the chapter understand well, the students of grade 4 were asked to take two potted plants-one to be kept in dark and the other in sunlight. They observed that on the first day both the plants were healthy, but after a few days, the plant that was kept in dark started wilting whereas the plant kept in sunlight was still healthy and alive. This experiment was performed as it was a part of their Science chapter- Plants: Preparing and Storing Food.

Seed Germination

Dated: 21st April, 2021
For a seed to germinate, proper conditions should be provided -air,
water and warmth(sunlight). The students of grade 5 were asked to
perform an experiment under the topic, Plants: Increasing the Numbers
in which they had to give four different conditions to some seeds.
They took a few dry gram seeds. They put some seeds in Plate 1 and
placed them on a windowsill where it could get only air and sunlight.
In Plate 2 a few seeds were kept in water. In Plate 3 a few seeds were
kept in a refrigerator. The seeds kept in Plate 4 were soaked in moist
cotton and were provided proper sunlight. They observed that the seeds
in Plate 4 germinated after a few days as they got all favourable
conditions, while the seeds in other plates could not germinate.

"I can sort it out!"

Dated: 18th April, 2021

Children of grade 1 did an activity to understand the concept of 'Sorting'. For that, they used pulses and beans taken from their kitchen. Other than sorting, they also enjoyed revising 'Less & More' and 'Counting Backwards' with the help of same material. It was fun to revise the concepts they had done in kindergarten. Children enjoyed this activity in their Math class.

'Gift Wrapping'

Dated: 7th March, 2021

The students of grade 3 learnt how to wrap gifts.They were enthusiastic while performing this activity.Also,they learnt how to decorate gifts using paper.

'Our Environment’

Dated: 7th March, 2021

During the Science class, the students of grade 3 learnt how they can keep their environment clean.They made a hanging craft related to environment and wrote a message on it depicting how we can save our environment.


Dated: 19th February, 2021

The students of grade 5 did an activity named, 'Piechart'. In this activity, they recorded their hours of daily activities such as watching TV, playing, reading and colouring. They created the pie chart using above data. They understood the concept of representing data in a circular graph.


Dated: 14th February, 2021
The students of grade 2 recited poems in English. They recited amazing poems on magic of smile, flowers, trees, traffic lights, elephants, family, etc. They also used props and performed very well. All of them loved reciting poems and enjoyed a lot.

Birthdate Using Matchstick

Dated: 13th February, 2021
The students of grade 2 performed an activity related to geometry. They wrote date of their birthday using matchsticks. They enjoyed doing such a creative work and learnt about geometry in an innovative work.


Dated: 13th February, 2021
The students of grade 2 made beautiful charts on days' names in Hindi. They made colourful charts and learnt the spellings of days' names through this activity. They were excited and happy while performing the activity.

'Making of a Bill'

Dated: 09th February, 2021
The students of grade 5 did an activity named, 'Making of a Bill'. In this activity, they created their own bills of different items purchased by them, their rates and the total amount using MS Excel. This activity helped them in developing observational skills.

Poster making on 'Save our Environment'

Dated: 09th February, 2021
The students of grade 2 made posters based on the EVS topic 'Save our Environment'. They were very happy while performing this activity and made beautiful posters. Also, they learnt the different ways to save our environment.

"Paper Caps"

Dated: 08th February, 2021
The students of grade 2 made beautiful and colourful caps using paper only. They decorated them nicely and enjoyed the activity thoroughly.

'Coins and Notes'

Dated: 08th February, 2021
The students of grade 2 collected different coins and notes and presented them during their class. They also showed the coins which were used in the traditional times. They were very happy while performing the activity and learnt about various coins and notes.

"Riddle on Animals"

Dated: 06th February, 2021
The students of grade 2 played riddle games about animals which helped them to gain more knowledge about them. They were very excited while playing the game and enjoyed a lot. They also showed self control and were full of enthusiasm during the game.

'Weather Report'

Dated: 03rd February, 2021

The students of grade 5 did an activity named, 'Weather Report'. In this activity, they observed the weather for a week and made a report on it. They explored the different climatic and weather conditions .This activity helped them in developing observational skills.

'We Love Birds'

Dated: 31st January, 2021
The students of grade 2 performed a 'Show and Tell' activity in which they described different birds. They were shown the pictures and the toys of their favourite birds and were asked to speak 3-4 lines describing the birds. They were enthusiastic while performing the activity. Through this activity, they learnt more about different types of birds like parrot, peacock, owl, eagle, ostrich, etc.

‘Hand Puppet’

Dated: 24th January, 2021
The students of grade 3 did an activity named, ‘Hand Puppet’. In this activity, they made hand puppets using socks, buttons and wool. The purpose of doing this activity was making them learn that something useful can be made using waste material. They enjoyed the activity a lot.

"Palm Printing"

Dated: 21st January, 2021
"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most." ~ John Ruskin
The students of grade 2 made various things by palm printing. They made beautiful and creative drawings of peacocks, trees, clouds, hens, butterflies, etc.


Dated: 17th January, 2021

The students of grade 2 performed a Maths activity on 13th January. They took a plain rectangular sheet and folded it making 4 equal parts. After that, they coloured the various fractions which they were asked to do so. They had a lot of fun while performing the activity.

'Artificial Fog'

Dated: 30th December, 2020
The students of grade 4 did a Science experiment related to the chapter – Air, Water and Weather. According to the instructions given by the teacher for the experiment, they tried making 'Artificial Fog' at home. For this, they took boiling water in a jug or glass and then took 3 to 4 ice cubes and kept them on a strainer above the boiling water. When the vapours passed through the strainer and the ice cubes, the Artificial Fog was formed. It was a very fascinating experiment for the students, and they performed it very enthusiastically. Also, they were instructed to perform the experiment under an adult’s supervision.

States of matter

Dated: 30th December, 2020
The students of grade 4 performed an experiment showing that the states of matter are interchangeable.
They took boiled water (showing the gaseous form of the matter), kept it aside and waited till it got cool down (liquid form) and then froze it(resulting in the solid form of water–ice). Through this experiment, they observed all the three forms of water-solid, liquid and gas. The experiment was related to the Science chapter, Three States of Matter. Also, they were instructed to perform the experiment under an adult’s supervision.

‘3D Popup'

Dated: 27th December, 2020
The students of grade 5 did an activity named, ‘3D Popup’. In this activity, they made 3D Pop-ups of different shapes like cube, cuboid and triangle, etc. They learnt  the concept of conversion of 2D shapes into 3D shapes and enjoyed the activity thoroughly.

"Division and Multiplication"

Dated: 25th December, 2020
The students of grade 2 solved questions related to multiplication and division using flash cards. They were shown the flash cards and were asked to do the multiplication and division of the two numbers which appeared on those particular flash cards. The activity made multiplication and division more interesting for them. They were full of enthusiasm and requested for more such activities.

"Animals, Our friends"

Dated: 25th December, 2020
The students of grade 2 performed an EVS activity on animals. They showed the pictures and toys of their favourite animal and they spoke 5 lines about it. They were enthusiastic while performing the activity. They learnt more about animals and their uses. Also, they learnt that animals should be treated with care and love.

'Telling Adjectives'

Dated: 20th December, 2020
The  students of grade 2 collected  random items from their rooms and used 5 adjectives describing that particular item. This activity helped them to improve their understanding about Adjectives. They were glad while performing the activity.

"Penguins of Antarctica"

Dated: 16th December, 2020
The students of grade 2 went on a virtual tour to Antarctica. They saw
many baby penguins following a group. They saw them swimming and
walking. They were amazed to see their unique way of walking, falling
and lifting themselves up without any help. Their way of coming out of
water and standing on their own caught everyone's eyes. They learnt the
way by which penguins keep themselves hot. They found them cute,
adorable and amazing.

"Poem Recitation"

Dated: 11th December, 2020
It was a fun-filled day for Grade-1 when they recited few poems chosen from their English Textbook. The poems were- 'A day has begun', If I find a fairy' & 'Books'.
Children were filled with excitement and joy. Not just that, they made beautiful props and decorated backgrounds to make it look even more wonderful. They did not just say the poems; they enjoyed singing them.
Everyone was happy and applauded cheerfully for each other. It was fun to watch the little ones perform with full enthusiasm in their virtual classroom.


The students of grade 2 presented poems in Hindi on December 2, 2020. They were so excited about the activity. They presented amazing poems on various things like dolls, flowers, trees, farmers, monkeys, elephants, fish, butterflies, stars etc. They also used props and performed very well. All of them loved reciting poems and enjoyed a lot.

Human Skeleton

Dated: 5th December, 2020

The students of grade 5 made a model of Human Skeleton using cotton
buds. As they were studying skeletal system, they could identify the
bones and even the joints present in our body while making the model. It
was a fun activity performed by them at home.


Dated: 2nd December, 2020

The students of grade 5 read a Hindi chapter, ‘Telangana’ and made flash cards to portray the culture of Telangana.


Dated: 2nd December, 2020

The students of grade 5 read a Hindi poem, ‘Akhbaar’. They made different showpieces using old newspapers and showed their creativity by decorating them using waste materials available at their homes.

The Right Clothes to Wear

Dated: 26th November, 2020

The students of Grade 4 showed their creativity by designing dresses using different materials- coloured papers ,cloth pieces etc. The activity was related to their Science chapter-The Right Clothes to Wear.

"Precious soil"

Dated: 26th November, 2020

The students of Grade 3 performed an experiment related to Scienc topic-Precious soil. They filled an empty jar with garden soil and water. Then they covered the lid, shook it well and allowed the soil to settle down for few hours. The activity concluded that soil contains humus, clay, sand and stones. The stones being heavier settled down in the jar, there was a layer of grains of sand above it. The clay settled above the sand and then there was a layer of unclear water. The top layer being lighter consisted of rotten parts of leaves and insects.

"Our Wonderful Earth"

Dated: 13th November, 2020

Students of Grade 2 made a collage on Earth. They were very happy to do this activity and made beautiful collage. They learnt that earth is round in shape and has land, air and water.

"Word Antakshari"

Dated: 11th November, 2020

"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." ~John Keats
Students of Grade 2 played word antakshari in hindi. They said a new word from the last alphabet of the word. They replied one by one which gave them chance to show their self control. They also wrote the word which they said on a paper which improved their writing skill. They enjoyed the game a lot and learnt new words.

"Types of Land - Virtual tour"

Dated: 7th November, 2020

"Nature always wears the colors of the spirit."
Students of Grade 2 went to a virtual tour to different landforms. They saw different types of land like plains, hills, mountain, valley, plateau, volcano and island. They were amazed by the beauty of nature. They saw island (Atlantis Bahamas), plains and waterfalls of Switzerland, the Himalayan mountains covered with snow, valley of Geysers, plateau of Russia, hills of Russia etc. It was a joyful experience for them.

"Trees are useful"

Dated: 6th November, 2020

Students of Grade 2 learnt about the uses of trees. They drew picture of
tree and wrote 5 uses. They were very happy to know about trees. They
made beautiful drawings.

"Scavenger Hunt"

Dated: 31st October, 2020

Students of Grade 2 played scavenger hunt in EVS class.  They collected all the games they have at their home and then they classified those games as indoor or outdoor games. They enjoyed the activity very much and participated with full enthusiasm.

"Virtual tour to Underwater World"

Dated: 31st October, 2020

Students of Grade 2 went to a virtual tour to the underwater world. They saw different types of fishes and corals. They watched the turtle swimming. They saw hammer headed fish and electric ray very closely. They also saw Buck Island in America. They learnt the value of conserving the underwater lives. They were thrilled to see the unseen life.

"Board Game on Articles"

Dated: 28th October, 2020

Students of Grade 2 played Board games today. It helped to check their knowledge on articles. Students were very excited for the game and enjoyed a lot. They also showed self control during the game. They started the game with full enthusiasm and ended up with joy. They learnt  the correct uses of articles.

Multiplication table with Bookmarks

Dated: 20th October, 2020

Students of Grade 2 made bookmarks with Multiplication table of 6, 7 and 8. They learned tables with it. They were very excited for the activity and made creative bookmarks.

"Dancing Mothballs"

Dated: 19th October, 2020

The students of grade 5 performed an activity of Dancing Mothballs using a jar of water, moth balls, vinegar and baking soda. They explained the activity as when baking soda and vinegar react together they produce carbon dioxide which comes out in the form of bubbles. The bubbles of carbon dioxide cling to the balls and make them dance. Also, they demonstrated the various kinds of physical and chemical changes. This fun activity was done as to teach them their Science chapter, ‘Solids, Liquids and Gases’ in an innovative way.

"Items of wood"

Dated: 13th October, 2020

For Hindi activity students of Grade 2 draw and colour the items made up of wood.Students made different items of wood like table, chair, cupboard, bed, toys, vase etc. They learned that plants and plant parts are useful. They learned  the uses of wood for making different things used in daily life. They were very excited to draw the picture.

I am a Community Helper

Dated: 26th September, 2020

“To become a better you, remember to be grateful to the people who have contributed in making community a better place to live and learn.”
Community helper serves us in a many ways and to respect them students of Grade 2 acted like them on September 25,2020.
Students became different community helper like doctor, soldier, police man, chief, grocer etc and presented few sentences about them. They were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the activity.

Food and Digestion

Dated: 23rd September, 2020

Students of Grade 4 did an activity related to their Science lesson-Food and Digestion. They pasted the outer cover of an eatable of their choice and wrote its nutritional information on a scrap/ A-4 sheet. Through this activity, learnt that every food item consists of certain
amount of nutrients and the amount of energy we get from that eatable.

Fun with Time

Dated: 22nd September, 2020

Students of Grade 2 did an activity on "Fun with Time" in Maths on September 22,2020. In this activity students made clock and showed different time in the clock.
They enjoyed making clock and showing time in it. The activity enhanced their confidence that they can read clock easily and correctly.


"If I had a Magic Wand..."

Dated: 11th September, 2020
Logic will take you from A to B...
Imagination will take you everywhere!!
Children are born to imagine... Let them do it!!
"If I had a Magic Wand..."
To empower their  imagination and enhance their creativity, children of Grade-1 were asked to do a 'Speaking Activity' on the topic: If I had a Magic Wand...
The children were asked to speak 3-4 lines. Also, they made their own Magic Wand which they held in hand while performing.
Everyone was excited and performed with full enthusiasm. It was fun to watch them express their imaginations in words.

"Show and Tell"

Dated: 10th September, 2020
We did "Show and Tell - देखो और बताओ" activity in Grade 2 A and 2 B in Hindi class on September 10, 2020.
We showed students different objects and photos and they watched them carefully and made sentences. They made very nice sentences and came to know new words also.
They enjoyed a lot and were asking for more of such activities.


Dated: 9th September, 2020

Students of Grade 2  made patterns using vegetables like lady's finger, potato etc. They enjoyed this activity very much.

Best Out of Waste

Dated: 5th September, 2020

The students of grade 5 did an activity to check the air quality in their neighboring area. For this, they took a silver foil paper plate and applied grease over it. They hung the plate outside for a day or two. Some of them could actually observe a few dust particles stuck onto it the next day and the others didn’t see the dust particles at all. This concluded that the air quality around them was pretty much good.

Also, they made many useful materials from waste material, for example a pen stand, lantern, wall hanging, a jewellery box and many more as a part of their 'Best Out of Waste' activity.
They did these activities as a part of their lesson 'Changes in Our Environment' in which they studied about pollution and how to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste products.










There’s no place like home!!

Dated: 1st September, 2020

“Home Sweet Home”
Children of Grade-1 made beautiful ‘Home Sweet Home’ wall/door hangings with the help of their parents. It was an activity associated with one of their EVS chapters. They used waste material to make these hangings. The lovely masterpieces are the proof of their commendable efforts!! Let’s have a look at them below:


Popular monument of Delhi

Dated: 27th August, 2020

The students of grade 3 were asked to make the pictures of any popular monument of Delhi of their choice on a scrap sheet and write related information about the same. They collected relevant information from google, for example, the name of the monument, when it was built, who made it, why it is popular and its importance. This activity was related to their S.St chapter, Delhi-The Heart of India. All the students enjoyed while doing the activity.

Insectivorous Plants

Dated: 27th August, 2020

The students of grade 4 did an activity related to their Science topic, Insectivorous Plants(L-2 Plants Living and Surviving). They were asked to draw the pictures of any insectivorous plant and write related information about the same on a scrap sheet or an A-4 size sheet. They were also asked to do some research regarding the same.

How wars can be prevented

Dated: 25th August, 2020
The students of grade 5 prepared a speech on ‘How wars can be prevented’. They gave words to their thoughts as to how wars affect our lives. Wars cause huge devastation and loss of human life and materials but they must be avoided. Through the activity, they not only shared their views but also built up their confidence.

Favourite Personality

Dated: 07th August, 2020

The students of grade 5 presented a report about some famous personality of their choice. They researched about their favourite personality' personal and career achievements.This way, they not only learnt about some famous personalities but also got influenced by reading more about their struggle and how they got famous.

Preparing and Storing food

Dated: 06th August, 2020

The students of grade 4 performed an experiment related to the topic, Plants: Preparing and Storing food. They took some boiled water in a vessel(under supervision) and put a fresh leaf in it. After a few minutes, they observed the bubbles coming out of the leaf which was immersed in the water .This concluded that the leaves have stomata and the exchange of gases(carbon dioxide and oxygen) takes place through it.


Online Science Lab

Dated: 06th August, 2020

The students of grade 3 visited the Science Lab online. They were shown the videos of different organ systems like brain, skeletal system, digestive system,nervous system and circulatory system along with the clippings recorded from our school's Science Lab. They were explained the chapter of Science, Our body: A Living Machine well with the help of these videos.


Pulse Rate

Dated: 06th August, 2020

The students of grade 3 learnt how to check the pulse rate at home. They were asked to check their pulse rate for 1 minute when they were sitting idle.After sometime,they were asked to jump rigorously for 5 mins and again check their pulse rate for 1 min. They recorded and noticed the difference between the two.The children observed that when we do physical exercises our pulse rate increases.The activity taught to them was related to their Science chapter, Our body:A Living Machine.


Food and Digestion

Dated: 05th August, 2020

The students of grade 4 did an activity related to their Science chapter, Food and Digestion. The students were asked to choose any one eatable and tell whether it was rich in carbohydrates,
proteins,fats,vitamins or minerals and also their importance in our body. All the children actively participated and enjoyed the activity. In this way,they understood the concept of nutrients well.

Sunlight is important for plants

Dated: 05th August, 2020

The students of grade 4 performed an activity at home which was explained to
them during the online teaching. The activity was based on the chapter, Plants:Preparing and Storing Food. Each student was asked to keep 1 potted plant in sunlight and the other in the absence of sunlight for two to three days and observe the difference. They found that the
plant kept under the sunlight was fresh and the one kept in the absence of sunlight started withering .Through this experiment, they learnt that Sunlight is important for plants and it is the main component required for photosynthesis,by the process of which plants make their own food.

It’s World Emoji Day!!

Dated: 19th July, 2020
Children of Grade-1 celebrated the World Emoji Day’ on July 17’ 20. On this occasion, they made their favourite emojis and pasted them on their t-shirts/upper which they wore during their online classes.
The day started with a beautiful video on ‘All About Emojis’. They also played fun-emoji games where they and their class teachers tried to imitate different emojis. The class was filled with joy & laughter.
Other than that, the children were also asked to share their pictures on the theme, ‘I can be an emoji’.
It was fun to watch the little wonders’ LOL moments.

India & it’s culture

Dated: 19th July, 2020
Children of Grade-4 did an activity based on one of their S.St. chapters where they learnt about India and it’s culture.
They learnt to draw the map of India and decorated it with tricolour pulses and rice. Also, they
were asked to make a project on India’s National Symbols. They even did a research on different States of India and about their food, language, festivals, clothing, etc.

My Baby Brother's Birthday

Dated: 13th July, 2020

As a part of creative writing, an interesting activity related to the birthday was done in grade 5. The students did a poem 'My Baby Brother's Birthday', so thereafter completing the poem, they made a scrapbook with the title 'My Lockdown Birthday' and made a list of the members who would be there with them on their birthday, they also mentioned the list of healthy food items they would like to offer them as a treat on their special day. After this, they wrote the importance of healthy eating especially in these days, as we need to build up a strong immunity to fight against coronavirus during this pandemic.

I Cook & Eat Healthy Food

Dated: 30th June, 2020
Children of Grade-1 were asked to do an activity based on their chapter- "The Food We Eat".
They made Chef Hats & Aprons using chart paper which read, "I Cook & Eat Healthy Food". They were also advised to try Fireless Cooking- 'Sandwich Making' which they had learnt in their previous grade.

Soil Erosion and Conservation

Dated: 17th June, 2020
Earth day is celebrated every year on 22nd April. Since the students of grade 5 had a topic in their lesson, ‘Soil Erosion and Conservation’ , they made posters on how earth can be saved. Through their posters, they presented the earth as the mother of nature and if we protect it, we will restore ecology.


Dated: 11th June, 2020
Children of Grades-4 & 5 learnt to track flights around us with the help of Flightradar24 app. Also, this helps us to know the Name and Tour Destinations of the flights.
The children were amazed to know this and have been sharing their experiences.

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Dated: 8 June, 2020

The students of Grade 5 made the picture of 'Sun' to know about the Hindu temple( which has no idol inside) dedicated to the 'Sun God' based on their chapter 'Konark ki Atmakatha'

Awareness about pollution

Dated: 1st February, 2020

Students of grade 2 made small bags made of paper to spread the message of"Go Green",i.e to use bags made of paper instead of plastic.This activity was done related to their lesson "Pollution' in E.V.S.They also saw video in CMP room to know the harmful effects of noise pollution for the environment.They also heard the koel sound to know the harmful effects of noise on an individual.

Real life Learning of Measurement - Grade 2

Dated: 31 January, 2020

Students of Grade 2 did an activity in Maths related to the topic-Measurement. They were given different types of packets,like of biscuits, cakes, wafers, fevicol, mineral bottle, marker's ink and asked to list them according to the units of measure written on those packets. The students were able to find out the standard units of measure printed on those packets and listed them accordingly in the column of length,capacity or mass(weight).

Grade 4- Posters on environmental issues

Dated: 31 January, 2020

Energy conservation is an effort made to reduce the consumption of energy by using less of an energy service. This can be achieved either by using energy more efficiently or by reducing the amount of service used. To spread this message, the students of grade 4 A & B created posters on the topics, 'Save Electricity', 'Save Petrol' and 'Save Cooking Gas'.

Fun with Google

Dated: 22 January, 2020

The students of grade 4 had an interesting activity to google
search about the top 10 currencies of the world. In this way, they
gained extra knowledge since they were only aware of dollar and rupee.
Also, they learnt to value the importance of money.

Movie Time - Grade 4

Dated: 21 January, 2020

The students of grade 4 A & B viewed the first Indian silent movie, 'Raja Harishchandra'as a part of their I.T activity. They were able to understand how films act as a source of entertainment along with the social message they spread. In this way,they explored the totally different genre of cinema when no colored movies were made.

Learning Fractions

Dated: 16 January, 2020

In maths, Chapter- fractions was taught to children of Grade 1 by using biscuits and origami sheets in different fractions to make them understand the concept of whole, half and quarter.

Making windmills

Dated: 16 January, 2020

In EVS, children of Grade 1 made small windmills using waste paper to make them understand how moving air helps different things to move. They had fun while learning the chapter air.

How clouds are formed & different types of clouds

Dated: 14 January, 2020

To enhance more knowledge, students of Grade 2 used their IT corner
and saw a very interesting video related to the English poem-"The
shape of things" . The video showed that "How clouds are formed?".It
also showed that their are different types and names of clouds. The
students learnt that the  shape of the clouds tells us about the
weather of the day.

Reading the expiry date by students of Grade 4

Dated: 24 December,2019

Reading the expiry date and the manufacturing dates on medicines and other edible food items was taught to the students of grade 4A and B. Along with this they were also made clear what the green, red and brown dots in a square signify on the food items. Students were explained that green signifies hundred percent vegetarian, red depicts the non vegetarian and brown tells that it contains egg only. Students themselves read the dates and checked the food items such as coke, vinegar and baking soda for veg or non veg. To enhance their knowledge they  were also given a briefing on how to dispose of the expired medicines.

Pot making activity

Dated : 16 December, 2019

Students of grade 3 learned about precious soil and the various types of soil. To enlighten the young brains, a pottery activity was done by the students. They learnt to make pots on potter wheel. Pottery objects are made from clayey soil.They are then fired in a special oven called a kiln. Firing makes the clay hard. Understanding the chapters this way makes learning fun.

Mission Mangal

Dated : 2 December, 2019

The students visited the CMP room and watched a documentary on 'Mission Mangal', which was telecasted on National Geographic channel. Through this, they got to know about, 'How the satellite was launched what all problems they encountered and how India was able to launch the satellite successfully'.

Life skill and Attributes

 "If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed."

Dated : 9th December, 2020

We introduced the life skill of 'Bed Making' in grade 1. We first demonstrated how to do this skill with a short video of a child doing the same. Then, they also made their beds one by one during zoom session for which they were recorded live. They laid out the bed sheets, folded their blankets and put their pillows nicely. They really enjoyed taking this ownership of making their beds. Also, this helps them to inculcate sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

Arranging their study tables

Dated : 8th December, 2020

The students of grade 3 learnt arranging their study tables and things
in the Life Skill period. They enjoyed doing it online. The main idea behind teaching this was to teach them to be independent and responsible for their own things.

Life skill - Putting batteries in a remote

Dated : 1st february, 2020

As our school believes in the overall development of a child, so we
teach them how to take actions in situations where parents or teachers
may not be around. In life skills, we taught them how to put batteries
in a remote. They learnt how to check +ve and -ve ends and placed the
batteries accordingly. Learning such life skills make them more
independent and confident.

Life skill -  Gas leakage

Dated : 27th January, 2020

The students of grade 4 learnt about some important points to keep safety in the kitchen. They were told about the safety measures to be taken while suspecting gas leakage. They were instructed to evacuate the premises,leave the doors and windows open and call for help in case they face any problem related to gas leakage. Also, it was recommended to use a LPG hose instead of a normal hose because of safety purpose.And to conclude this, they were advised to work in the kitchen in the presence of any adult. Lastly, there was a discussion session where students came up with their queries. Overall it was a good life skill lesson.

Life skill - learning how to use dictionary

Dated : 14th January, 2020

Apart from academics,students also learn different life skills in our school. Students of grade 2 learnt to find meaning of the different words from the dictionary in their reading corner during their life skill period. They found out difficult words from their Pearls book. They enjoyed while learning a new skill.

Life skill - learing how to make bed

Dated : 13 December, 2019

The life skills help you to be organised and happier. Life is made of small steps that build upon each other and when you start the day right, you set the tone for a good day. Students of Grade 3 learnt making of bed during their life skills period. By making your bed you quickly make the space more organised . The students felt an immediate sense of accomplishment.

Personal Hygiene

Dated : 5 November, 2019

Students of Grade 2 were taught how to wash their hands properly after every use. The teacher showed them the correct way to wash hands and also the need to wash hands before and after every meal. They were also taught to save water while washing hands.

Washing a handkerchief

Dated : 3 September, 2019

The students of grade 4 A and B did a life skill activity of washing a handkerchief and a pair of socks using soap and water. Each child carried his/her own handkerchief and a pair of socks. A demonstration was given to the students and by following the instructions, they themselves washed their socks and handkerchiefs and left them in the garden for air drying. The children had a lot of fun in doing the activity.

Washing a shirt

Dated : 26 August, 2019

Confidence is knowing what you are good at.Once you are confident, you look good, you feel good. The students of grade 5 performed a life skill activity, ‘Washing a Shirt’ on 20th Aug,2019. Fine-motor development and water play cometogether in this activity. The students of grade 5 had a great time washing their shirts, squeezing the water out and hanging them up to dry.The students were excited and enjoyed practicing the real-life task. The purpose behind the activity was to help the children become more independent in the taking care of their environment.


Dated : 16 August, 2019

Students of Grade 1A & 1B learning an important life skill of knowing how to fold their clothes neatly.

Date - 3 August, 2019

The students of Grade 2 A and B practiced cycling without support as a part of their life skills.All the students enjoyed doing the same under the guidance of their P.E teacher and the class teachers.

Notebook and Book covering

Notebook and book covering is a very important skill that a school student must know. It can help him in being independent and responsible, as he learns to take care of the books and notebooks and keep them neat and clean. So, the students of Grade 3 were taught how to cover the same with the help of a newspaper. The students learnt the skill with a lot of excitement; they covered their school diary and their busy bee notebook with the newspaper. This activity created a sense of responsibility among them.

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Nail Clipping

Nail clipping being a very important life skill was taken up in Grade 3, as this age being apt to learn this skill. It was made more interesting by asking the students to wash their hands before clipping the nails off,thereafter explaining them that the nails become soft after washing hands, hence it becomes easy to cut them. Also it is generally recommended to trim the nails after taking a shower because at that time the nails become extremely soft. The students enjoyed the activity and they learnt the skill along the way.

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Skill development activity (Washing clothes) is successfully completed for grade 4th on 18th May,(Friday). All students participated very actively and shown interest in this, activity performed using washing surf and Handkerchief. It's guided how to dry & fold clothes along with guidance on hygiene part for our body health.

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