Paper Recycling

One of the major problems faced by the world is that of pollution which is caused by deforestation. Paper is obtained from trees and so we cut them to obtain it. Paper recycling was the activity we chose to include in our school activities to mark our contribution against global warming. Recycling helps bring down air pollution levels by about 72 percent. We have installed the machine Paper Mek- 1 (ideally suited for use by children). We now recycle paper, rags, tetra packs, corrugated boxes etc. to generate recycled paper.
Our students very well understand the importance of keeping the environment clean and how to be Eco-friendly. We regularly make a variety of products like envelopes, cards, bookmarks from recycled paper. All the things made by the students are displayed at the school exhibition which is much appreciated by the parents and all the other visitors.

The future of mother earth lies on the hands of every human being so it’snot too early to teach kids about the goodness of recycling. Paper makes up most of the waste that is generated by schools. Rather than just letting it end up in the landfills, our school encourages to promote paper recycling as one of our prime extracurricular activity that helps to conserve the environment. It also teaches the students the importance of environmentally responsible behavior and have fun along the way. Our youngsters are our future and there is no better way to ensure a greener future than by educating them about reducing the human impact on the environment at an early age.