Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

•  We recognize the uniqueness of each child.
•  We respect the values brought to school by people belonging to various religions, races and nationalities.
•  We believe in collaborating with parents and the community to make learning an enriching experience for the students.
•  We value the importance of creating an environment where students learn from each other, work together to contribute positively and make a difference in all spheres of life.

Our Core Values

•  Learning will be based on exploring, questioning and problem solving.
•  Students will carry out research to derive essential knowledge.
•  Students will be helped to develop skills in communication and mathematical thinking.
•  The connections between subjects and their integration will be focused upon.
•  Students will be helped to develop a moral understanding of how to improve their world.
•  Our curriculum will expose our students to the academic and non-academic subjects in a way that will help them see the connection between each subject and encourage them to use their knowledge effectively. All our activities will support the optimum implementation of the curriculum. We will focus on making learning holistic for our students so that it helps develop the mind, body and spirit and they feel self-empowered in the pursuit of excellence.

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