"Rainbow Rainbow, High and Bright

Rainbow Rainbow, Made of Light!"

Dated: 25th, November 2020

My beautiful & colourful 'Diwali Art'!!

Dated: 20th, November 2020

"Vegetables are not just for eating...

Let's use them for printing!!"

Dated: 5th, November 2020

Keep looking up...

       There may be a


       waiting for you!

Every child is an artist

Dated: 5th, November 2020

Let's Sow and Watch Them Grow!!

My little seed...turning into a plant

That's all I want!!

Dated: 23rd, October

'Spring' is in the air!

We know the 'Primary Colours'

Love to 'Scribble' when we are free!

Concept: Full & Empty

Concept: More & Less

Sorting of winter clothes


Watching videos on community helpers


Crumpling paper into grapes


Let's meet the Gardener!


A new step to 'Addition'


Show & tell activity


Motor Skills: Locking & Unlocking

Treasure hunt (identifying color activity)

Touch and feel (Shadow activity)

Sandpit Activity

Swacch Bharat race activity

Concept: IN/OUT

Story telling: The rabbit and the tortoise

Craft: Making autumn tree

Story Telling: Thirsty Crow

Life Skill: Folding Aprons

Run for Fun

Understanding Theme: Water Animals

Making different shapes with clay

Searching water animal

Craft on robot using rectangular shapes

Hurdle race

Balancing cones with feet