Life cycle of a butterfly

Dated: 30th November, 2021

The kids of grade LKG learnt the life cycle of a butterfly by performing an activity. In the activity, a craft of the same was shown to the children along with a video for a better understanding. They thoroughly enjoyed the activity.


Dated: 14th October, 2021



I see you!

Dated: 11th October, 2021



The wheels on the land go round and round!

Dated: 09th October, 2021



“The pigs roll in the mud all day
Oink-Oink, that’s what they say!”

Dated: 16th September, 2021



“Christmas Snowman Tree”

Dated: 13th September, 2021



My little duck went out one day
Over the hills and far away!

Dated: 13th September, 2021



I didn’t know ‘paper folding’ can be so amazing!😍🤩

Dated: 09th September, 2021



Twirly-Whitley Caterpillar!🐛

Dated: 07th September, 2021


Look at my, 'Cute Fox'!

Dated: 05th September, 2021

“My beautiful Headgear!”
… Happy Festivities 🥳

Dated: 01st September, 2021



“I took a heart and turned it into a mouse!”

Dated: 21st August, 2021


Ladybug 🐞 Ladybug 🐞
Fly away home
Your house is on fire
Your children all gone!

Dated: 18th August, 2021


Row, row, row your boat🛶
Gently down the stream!

My paper boat can float in rain🌧 ☔️

Dated: 16th August, 2021


"My crab with a flap!"

Dated: 04th August, 2021


I picked up fallen leaves to make 'My Tree'

Dated: 03rd August, 2021


How beautiful my drawing is!

Dated: 03rd August, 2021


“H- Hen made with H- Hand”

Dated: 25th July, 2021


“Does it look triangular?”… woof! woof!

Dated: 25th July, 2021

My paper bird can fly too!

Dated: 21st July, 2021


Dated: 13th July, 2021

A new skill 'Bed-Making' was introduced to the LKG kids. They performed an activity to learn the skill. In the activity, they learnt how to make their beds neatly. They were very enthusiastic while performing this activity.

“My Strips’ Rainbow 🌈

Dated: 08th July, 2021

My Dog 🐶 with Shapes!

Dated: 05th July, 2021

“There’s a butterfly 🦋 in my hands!”

Dated: 29th June, 2021

Paper Weaving

Dated: 22nd May, 2021

Robot with shapes

Dated: 22nd May, 2021

Pineapple with finger printing

Dated: 21st May, 2021

"Fun Activity"

Dated: 21st May, 2021


Dated: 13th May, 2021

“Mumma brought forks to eat noodles,
I made flowers with my doodles!”

Dated: 07th May, 2021

My salt-painting 'Jellyfish'

Dated: 07th May, 2021


It’s pandemic! I can’t go out to buy puzzles; it’s DIY

Dated: 07th May, 2021


“Can you count with flowers, too?”

Dated: 06th May, 2021

“Ice cream with shapes”

Dated: 30th April, 2021


‘Cluck-Cluck’, says my hen!

Dated: 30th April, 2021

Well, there are other uses of ear buds, too :>

Dated: 30th April, 2021


Life Skill: Arranging Things

Dated: 27th April, 2021

As a part of life-skill activities, a new skill was introduced to the kids as to how to arrange things. The parents were requested to arrange a messy corner the prior day and the kids themselves arranged
the messy things during the class. The kids learnt the skill of keeping things clean and tidy.

"Can you paint with a thread?"

Dated: 23rd April, 2021


"Icecream always sounds like a great idea!"

Dated: 18th April, 2021


"These hand prints are not meant to stay,

They are the birds who'll fly away!"

Dated: 10th April, 2021


My Colourful Bouquet of Flowers!

Dated: 19th March, 2021


Tweet Tweet, My Paper Bird Is Very Sweet!!

Dated: 19th March, 2021


My Shapes' Boat!

Dated: 6th March, 2021


Virtual tour to Disneyland

Dated: 6th March, 2021

The kids of UKG went on a virtual tour to Disneyland. They were very excited and happy to see it. They saw Barbie Doll, Mickey Mouse, Haunted House, etc. They enjoyed a lot.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly!

Dated: 2nd March, 2021


I love my lovely family!

Dated: 2nd March, 2021


"My Magic Tree, My Magic Words!"

Dated: 21st February, 2021


Modes of transport

Dated: 16th February, 2021

The kids of UKG went on a virtual tour to know about the different modes of transport. They saw the three modes of transport such as road, water and air transport. They were very excited and happy while being on the tour. Also, they came to know how the different modes of transport help us in our daily lives.

"Together, we will touch the sky!"

Dated: 11th February, 2021

"Ear buds have other uses too :)!"

Dated: 11th February, 2021

"Hey National Bird! How do you look so beautiful?"

Dated: 03rd February, 2021

A beautiful starry night!!

Dated: 03rd February, 2021

Are We There Yet?

... Soon, we'll be!!

Dated: 03rd February, 2021


Dated: 31st January, 2021

The students of LKG went on a virtual tour to the universe. They all were delighted to see the Moon and the stars. The names of the planets were shared with them. They got so excited when more information about the planets was shared with them.

"Tricolour Tulips"

Happy Republic Day!

Dated: 26th January, 2021

"My 'play-dough' CVC words"

Dated: 22nd January, 2021


An Elephant Came to Say, 'Hi!'

Dated: 22nd January, 2021


Little Chick Chick!

Dated: 21st January, 2021


"Matching shapes with Matches"

Dated: 19th January, 2021


"Fly me to the moon...

Let me play among stars!!"

Dated: 19th January, 2021


Blow me out!

Dated: 18th January, 2021



Happy Lohri!

Dated: 14th January, 2021

I see shapes... what do you see?

"Mouse with Shapes"

Dated: 14th January, 2021

How to tie the shoe laces

Dated: 27th December, 2020

To inculcate the life skills in our tiny tots ,the students of grade UKG were taught how to tie the shoe laces. The kids really enjoyed a lot while performing this activity.

Underwater Animals

Dated: 18th December, 2020

The students of Pre-Primary went on a virtual tour and saw underwater animals. They were shown different sea creatures. Also, they were amazed to see so many creatures and enjoyed a lot.

'Keeping Things at Place'

Dated: 17th December, 2020

We held a Life Skill activity 'Keeping Things at Place' for LKG & UKG kids. They were taught how to keep our surroundings clean. For fulfilling this purpose, the  parents were requested to arrange one messy
corner or table. The students performed many tasks under this activity. Some of them are mentioned below:
a) They kept their stationery(pencils and colours) in their respective boxes.
b) They kept toys in their toy baskets.
c) They threw waste in the dustbin.


Christmas Greetings!!

Wishing you a 'Merry Christmas'!

Dated: 14th December, 2020


"My Santa looks very grand...

That's because he's made from my

cute little hand!"

Dated: 14th December, 2020


O' Christmas Tree, O' Beautiful Tree,

Your Beauty Is A Joy To See!

Dated: 11th December, 2020

Kites kites, flying high

They seem to reach the sky!

-Tearing & Pasting Activity

Dated: 11th December, 2020

'Virtual Tour- Zoo'

Dated: 28th November, 2020

The little ones of Kindergarten went on a virtual tour to Zoo. Children were amazed to see different animals like elephant, lion, alligator, deer, peacock and many more. To add to their knowledge, they were also informed that tiger is our national animal.

'Virtual Tours' give a more like real experience and hence, it was a joyful time for them.
Virtual Tour


"Why do you think flamingos are pink?...

I made '2' to make you,

It's my choice how I colour you!!

Dated: 26th, November 2020

"Our lanterns are different, but light is the same!"

Dated: 26th, November 2020

"Rainbow Rainbow, High and Bright

Rainbow Rainbow, Made of Light!"

Dated: 25th, November 2020

My beautiful & colourful 'Diwali Art'!!

Dated: 20th, November 2020

"Vegetables are not just for eating...

Let's use them for printing!!"

Dated: 5th, November 2020

Keep looking up...

       There may be a


       waiting for you!

Every child is an artist

Dated: 5th, November 2020

Let's Sow and Watch Them Grow!!

My little seed...turning into a plant

That's all I want!!

Dated: 23rd, October

'Spring' is in the air!

We know the 'Primary Colours'

Love to 'Scribble' when we are free!

Concept: Full & Empty

Sorting of winter clothes


Let's meet the Gardener!


A new step to 'Addition'


Show & tell activity


Motor Skills: Locking & Unlocking

Treasure hunt (identifying color activity)

Touch and feel (Shadow activity)

Sandpit Activity

Swacch Bharat race activity

Concept: IN/OUT

Story telling: The rabbit and the tortoise

Craft: Making autumn tree

Story Telling: Thirsty Crow

Life Skill: Folding Aprons

Run for Fun

Understanding Theme: Water Animals

Making different shapes with clay

Searching water animal

Craft on robot using rectangular shapes

Hurdle race