Events & Celebrations

Diwali celebration

Dated: 22nd October, 2022

On 21.10.22 Grade foundation to UKG performed ‘Diwali activity’. Our children have made beautiful lanterns , candles and decorated diyas with colors and glitters.


Pre-independence day celebration

Dated: 15th August, 2022

On 13th August 2022, pre-primary section celebrated Pre-independence day.

The celebration began with Grade Foundtion song-Nanha Munna Rahi hu and Grade UKG performed patriotic dance.

Grade LKG students enjoyed while singing the song- Sare jahan se achha.

Different competitions were also held on patriotic theme.

In the end, sweets were distributed among the children which they enjoyed a lot.



Dated: 24th April, 2022

Students of grade 1 enjoyed an activity on the occasion of Baisakhi in the class. They did tearing and pasting activity. They teared and pasted coloured papers on picture of a maize. They were also shown the wheat stalk harvested during Baisakhi.


Graduation Day: Grade UKG & 1

Dated: 28th March, 2022

“Graduation - is a time to celebrate new beginnings. It is warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future”.
Kindergarten graduation is an exciting milestone for children as it’s their first step towards a future full of hopes and possibilities. It marks a new beginning that adds new dimensions to their school life and the journey they begin towards knowledge and education.
To make it significant, we celebrated a Virtual Graduation Day for grades UKG & 1. Children of grades Foundation to 1 participated with full enthusiasm. There were dances, songs and 'Thank You' songs by the graduating classes. The celebration started with a 'Welcome Song' by the teachers. Children looked lovely in their graduation gowns and hats. To bless and encourage them to be great learners, our vice-principal handed over the graduation certificates to them.
It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for the little ones, their families and teachers.

Christmas Celebration

Dated: 24th December, 2021

Christmas was celebrated in school on 22nd December this year. The school was decorated beautifully with glitters, balloons and lights. The festival was celebrated by doing various class activities, singing carols and dance performances. Santa Claus distributed chocolates among all the children. The children enjoyed the festival with great enthusiasm.​ Christmas celebration makes the end of the year a beautiful one. It spreads love and harmony among the people of different religions.

Gandhi Jayanti

Dated: 05th October, 2021

It is very important to uplift the values and ideas of Gandhi among all the students. In this world of greed and unhealthy competition, Gandhian ideas of sustainable development are the only way out. Gandhi Jayanti is observed by the entire nation to commemorate the birth anniversary of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Our students, too, celebrated Gandhiji’s birth anniversary virtually this year with zeal, enthusiasm,and a patriotic feeling. The students of grades 1 and 2 participated in the Slogan Writing Competition and made thoughtful and eye-catchy slogans. Gandhiji rightly said, “Sanitation is more important than independence”. In that spirit, as we know the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan launched by the Government of India aims to address the problems of sanitation and waste management. Considering the importance of hygiene, the students of grades 3 and 4 participated in the activity where they cleaned their vicinity to promote sanitization. The students of grades 7 to 10 participated in the Poster Making Competitions on their favourite freedom fighter.

Teacher's Day

Dated: 10th September, 2021

Our teachers are the most significant part of our lives. They are the ones who craft us into good citizens and better persons. They teach us to face each and every challenge in life with courage. In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 05 September as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by the teachers to the society.So, this Teacher's Day the students of grades foundation to 10 performed various activities to express their gratitude towards their teachers through online mode. Also, Guru Mantra was recited by Vaishnavi of grade 6, Akansha of grade 8 and Saishrita of grade 10.

Independence Day

Dated: 16th August, 2021

Independence Day was celebrated with pomp and gaiety at our school. The celebration of 75th Independence Day was held in the morning of 15th August in a mesmerizing way on the campus of ATS Valley School. The participants reported to school and the rest of the students
attended the function virtually. Therefore, different tools were used to ensure the smooth participation of the students who showed their presence virtually. The programme commenced with the flag hoist ng ceremony followed by a National Anthem. Patriotic Poems and Slogans were recited by the students with full enthusiasm. The students of Junior grades also presented a group dance. In the end, the Principal of the school delivered a short speech. He told the students about the supreme sacrifices of the great martyrs who gave their lives for the
sake of freedom. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by the master of ceremonies.

Lohri Celebration

Dated: 16th January, 2021

ATS Valley School celebrated the Lohri festival at the school premises where all the students from Foundation to grade 10 also joined in virtually. The celebration started with the Lohri song sung by the teachers followed by their dance performance.

Merry Christmas!

Soaking in the spirit of joy, Christmas was virtually celebrated with great enthusiasm on December 24, 2020. The school was beautifully decorated. It was a common celebration for grades Foundation to 8. Teachers and children were beautifully dressed in red, white and green. Just like the teachers had decorated the classrooms, children too, had decorated their houses.
To entertain the children, their teachers sang Christmas carols and also, performed dance on a medley of songs. A beautiful Christmas-theme cake was cut. After that, there were games, dance, songs and much more for children. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of all the children. It was an exciting and fun-filled day for all.

Sports day

The Annual Sports Day is one of the most awaited events of a school year. The spirit of friendly competition comes alive on this day.  The children participate in a wide range of sports events, cheer on their teammates and learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship.

This year, it was held for grades Foundation to 3 on 29th February’20. The event began with an exercise drill followed by a peppy dance drill by all the classes. Then there was a demo on self-defense by the martial arts team and skating team under the guidance of their respective coaches. The highlight of the day was the ‘Races’ which were different for all the classes. The races were unique and very innovative. There was penguin race, balance race, bankers’ race, cone jump race, hula jump race, football kick race, hurdle race, weightlifting race and many more. Children participated with full zest and enthusiasm. Their parents were also energetically involved to hoot for them.

To add to their entertainment, school’s junior and senior bands gave melodious performances. The audiences were enthralled by the power packed performances of the children. At the end, the winners proudly stood on the victory stand to receive their medals and their friends were seen applauding for them- that’s the positive spirit of this day!  The day was a fun filled fest of laughter, energy and delight.

Trip to Chatbir Zoo

Dated : 1st February, 2020

Students of Grade 1 had a fun-filled day at Chatbir Zoo along with their teachers.
At the sight of the gigantic fun zone with a large variety of birds, mammals and reptiles, their happiness knew no bounds. The excited kids hopped from one to the other and happily trotted around to explore. Exploring their environment also helps them become more self-aware.
Another delightful part of the trip was having snacks together which the children indulged in benevolently. This fun excursion will always be cherished and remembered fondly by these young learner’s.

 A Workshop on Maintenance of Hygiene for Support staff

Dated : 25 January, 2020

The school organized a workshop on ‘Maintenance of Hygiene’ especially for our support staff, in association with Indus Hospital, Derabassi.

The workshop was delivered by Dr. Divya Laxmi Sahi, a General Physician in Indus Hospital. She mentioned the techniques by which we can maintain personal hygiene. This included proper hand-washing, brushing, bathing, etc. with step-by-step instructions. She also said that we should not share our comb, towel, inner wears, soap, etc. with others. For environmental hygiene, she suggested that we must keep it clean everywhere- our house, classrooms, bags, books, toys, cupboards, etc. In fact, every corner of the school should be cleaned thoroughly. But most importantly, the support staff were asked to first maintain hygiene at their personal level- their own houses, kitchens and especially, washrooms. We must always use clean and fresh washrooms, use flush and wash our hands after using.
Other than that, Dr. Divya talked about the amenities that a school must provide and we are proud to announce that our school meets all the said needs. The session ended with the questions asked our support staff.
Attached is the link to the part of a workshop.


Lohri Celebration in ATS Valley School

Dated : 13 January, 2020

The pre-primary section of ATS Valley School celebrated Lohri with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. A special assembly was conducted where the children were told the importance of this festival and why we celebrate it. Then, of course, the sacred bonfire was lit and they were served the ‘Lohri Specials’ to savor. No celebration is complete without dance; children enjoyed dancing to their favourite songs accompanied by their teachers. The day was full of fun and enjoyment as everyone was totally absorbed in the festive spirit.

Grandparents’ Day 2019-20
Grades- Foundation & UKG

Dated : 23 December, 2019

“Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children”. Grandparents are the family’s greatest treasure, the founders of a loving legacy, the greatest storytellers, and the keepers of tradition. Grandparents are the family’s strong foundation. Through their special love and care, grandparents keep a family close at heart.
The pre-primary wing of our school celebrated yet another Grandparents’ Day for the grandparents of grades Foundation & UKG on 23-12-19 in the school premises. The children were all very excited to perform for their grandparents.
The day started with a beautiful warm-up song by the tiny-tots of Foundation followed by many more and some power packed dance performances. Also, the children of UKG showcased their talent by performing a theatre play on ‘Bedtime Stories’. The icing on the cake was a ‘Bhangra Performance’ by UKG children.
The success of the event was evident through the joyful smiles of the grandparents. Needless to say, the Grandparents were very happy and overwhelmed to see their grandchildren performing for them. A beautiful day indeed!

Grandparents’ Day 2019-20
Grades- LKG & 1

Dated : 6 December, 2019

Grandparents are our heritage and are essential members of our families and communities. Grandparents hold a special place in everyone’s heart.  That is why a special day in our school is set aside every year to honor them. The morning of 6th December was filled with excitement and cheer as the children of grades LKG & 1 anxiously waited to welcome their dear grandparents.
The function was full of vibrant and colorful performances of songs, dances and a theatre play by grade-1 on ‘Generation Gap’ especially catered to the grandparents. Not just this, there were some interesting games too, for the grandparents. The children put up an enthralling show for the grandparents. In a way, they thanked their grandparents for their unconditional love and support.
It was a memorable day for the children as well as the grandparents, who left the school with pleasant memories, loads of appreciation and heaps of blessings.

Children's Day Celebration

Dated : 14th November, 2019

Like every year, on 14th November, the pre-primary wing celebrated ‘Children’s Day’ with full zest. A special assembly was organised in the ‘Front Amphitheatre’ for Grades- Foundation to 1. Firstly, the children were told about ‘Children’s Day’ and why it is celebrated. Also, they were shown a picture of our first Prime Minister ‘Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’ to mark his birthday. The pre-primary teachers were dressed up as children themselves. The event started with a beautiful song ‘Taare Zameen Par’ sung by one of them. Then, a group of teachers did a ‘Role-play’ where they acted as ‘Pre-primary Children’ and their routine at school. Children burst out laughing to see their teachers behaving as them. After that, they presented a melodious ‘Rhyme Recitation’ performance which was again enjoyed by the children as they sang and danced to their favourite rhymes/songs. Lastly, the teachers performed ‘Dance’ on a medley of songs which were again based on children and finally, all the little wonders were called upon the stage to have ‘Free Dance’. It was magnificent to see them dancing; the best moment of the day. After coming back to the classes, they were served their favourite ‘Laddoos’ to relish.From start to the end, every effort was made to make this day special and memorable for our children.

Teacher's Day Celebration

Dated : 6th September, 2019

On the occasion of Teachers' Day, a combined assembly was conducted for the students of grades LKG & UKG. Students made beautiful artwork to show gratitude towards their teachers.

Independence Day Celebration

Dated : 14th August, 2019

Students of Pre Primary wing and Grade 1 of ATS Valley School celebrated the event of Independence Day in the school premises during school hours with great pomp and show.
The function began with flag hoisting by our teachers followed by National Anthem. LKG Juniors gave a wonderful dance performance with great energy. Then it was followed by a patriotic song performance by grade UKG. Along with this, Grade 1 passed on the message to other students to stay healthy and fit with a theatre performance along with a patriotic song. Principal sir wished and congratulated students for Independence Day.


Colouring competition

Dated : 3 August, 2019

Splash Pool

Splash , splash everywhere puddles of water here and there.’

Water play is an inevitable part of pre-school curriculum as it helps in gross motor development and eye hand co-ordination.The little ones of Kindergarten, bubbling with excitement and enthusiasm, in their colorful swim suits thoroughly enjoyed the splash pool activity, jumping in the water and splashing water at their friends.

Orientation 2019-20 - Pre Primary

Dated: 03 April, 2019

The Graduation Day Ceremony

Dated: 20 February, 2019

The school celebrated the Graduation Day Ceremony of students of Grade UKG recently in the school premises with great fervour and gaiety.

The function commenced with the rendition of the welcome song by LKG students. The highlight of the programme was a skit- how to maintain discipline while 'boarding and deboarding the bus'. It was a delight to witness their mesmerizing performances on the stage supported by props. At last, students were awarded  with graduation certificates. The show was heart warming as the parents witnessed what all their children did through out the year


Annual Sports Day

Dated: 23 February, 2019



















The school held its annual sports day during school hours in the school ground. The aim behind holding the event was to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and fondness for sports in children. The day was a fun filled fest of laughter, energy and delight as around 400 students presented and participated in various activities.

The event began with the March past performed by the students of Grade LKG onwards. A melodious musical performance by Junior and Senior band laid the ground for other lovely performances. Notable among them were various kinds of races including back gear race, relay race, display of drill by students of Skating, Golf, Taekwondo, Lawn Tennis and Cricket. One highlight of the event was the "dupatta drill" presented by children of Grade 6-9. The event concluded with a fun race held for parents. It regaled the students, spectators and participants alike as they discovered the hidden child in themselves.

The Principal Sir also thanked parents for their support and encouragement that lent charm to the event.



Grandparents Day Celebrations

Dated: 11 December 2018










The pre-primary section of ATS Valley School, Dera Bassi organised an event to celebrate Grandparents Day on the school premises recently. Students of Grade Foundation and Kindergarten expressed their love, respect and gratitude to their grandparents by their splendid song, dance and drama performances.
It was an endeavor of the school, through the programme, to teach the young generation the irreplaceable role that grandparents play in their lives and also to inform the grandparents about the values their grandchildren learn at school.


Puppet Show

A puppet show was arranged by the ATS Valley School, Derabassi for all of its students.It started off by a dance performance of a puppet, dressed as a lady in a colorful Lehnga, as animated by the puppeteer. The puppeteer made the puppet groove to the tunes of Radha song from the movie Student of the year. The puppeteer also introduced a puppet resembling Amitabh Bachchan, dressed in his quintessential two piece suit which made the students go in an ecstatic mode. A spirit of patriotism was evident among the students when the song – “Sabse aage honge hindustani” was played. The kids laughed and danced along the phenomenal puppetry act. It gave kids an essential entertainment break and introduced & reminded them of the wonderful art of puppetry.


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Annual Function

The Pre-Primary students of ATS Valley School celebrated their Annual Day on 28th October, 2017 with great enthusiasm and zest. The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp and the Principal’s speech. This was followed by a welcome song by the students of UKG. The tiny tots captured the hearts of the audience with the enactment of three plays that brought to life the stories of – Monkey and the Cap- seller, Three Little Pigs and Billy Goats Gruff. Music and dance added flavour to their theatrical performances. Every child participated and made it a beautiful spectacle worth a watch. The little ones held the entire show with commendable confidence, their convincing acting skills, charm and vibrancy. This speaks volumes about the dedication of the school in creating well-groomed and confident citizens of tomorrow.