"No Bag Day"

Dated: 09th April, 2023

In order to give our students stress free learning, school had organised "No Bag Day" for grade LKG- 10 on 8th April'23
The day started with gardening related activities where kids had shown true spirit of team work. Later they enjoyed the Puppet Show and games. The day ended by watching an Oscar winning documentary film named “The Elephant Whisperers” .

All the students showed great enthusiasm and  participated zealously during the activities.

"Kite flying activity"

Dated: 16th January, 2023

On 14th January, 2023 ,Our  school organized a kite flying activity for Grade 8 - 10 on the occasion of Makar Sankranti . The students had an exciting time by participating in the kite flying along with their teachers . The bright blue sky was beautifully adorned by vibrant coloured kites. The significance of Pongal, Makar Sankranti, Lohri and Maghi was explained by teachers. Students enjoyed a lot while flying kites.

"Grandparents day celebration"

Dated: 17th December, 2022

Grade 1 and 2 celebrated Grandparents day on Saturday with great zeal and fervor. The theme of the day was ‘Gratitude towards our Grandparents’. This theme sought its beautiful expression through the theatre presentation. The students depicted the scenes of their lives which showcases their love and concern for their grandparents and also, the indispensable role of grandparents in the upbringing of today’s generation. The musical and theatrical performances were hugely applauded by the audience, but the star of the show was the dance on the classic melodies. Every one enjoyed the performances and funny games, tongue twisters and riddles. Finally, the program came to an end with the distribution of planters by Vice Principals of the school to the winners of the games.

Grade 3 celebrated Grandparents day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The theme of the day was ‘Gratitude towards our Grandparents’. This theme sought its beautiful expression through the theatre presentation. The students depicted the scenes of their lives which showcased their love and concern for their grandparents. The musical and theatrical performances were hugely applauded by the audience, but the highlight of the show was the dance on hai Junoon. Everyone enjoyed the performances. There were funny games, tongue twisters, riddles and identification of the old melodies for grandparents. Saplings of plants were given to the winners of the games by Vice Principals of the school. Finally, the program came to the end with refreshment.

"Diwali celebration"

Dated: 25th October, 2022

1. Diya Decoration Activity was held on 21st of October for Grade 1 & 2. The main purpose of this activity was to explore the students imagination ,creativity and celebrate the festival of Lights in its true spirit. All students participated enthusiastically in the activity. They decorated the earthen diyas with beautiful beads and sparkle. It was a great experience for all students.

2. Art allows kids to develop their creativity which is important throughout their lives. While doing something creative, you allow for self-expression and this let students to express their feelings. It also fosters mental growth in students by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem-solving. A “Card Making Activity” on the occasion of Diwali was conducted on 21 October, 2022 for Grades 3 and 4 to enhance their creative skills. It was an individual activity.

3. The school conducted an Inter house Toran making Competition for the students of Grade 5  to 7. The students made beautiful Torans with colourful beads, attractive handmade papers, flowers, wool etc. It encouraged and emphasized Art and Craft and boosted the enthusiasm of the students.

4. Rangoli is a traditional form that brightens up an occasion and is believed to be harbinger of good luck. Beautiful patterns are created on the floor using colours, rice and  paints. Keeping up with this thought, the talent and creativity of the students was well brought out in an Inter-House Competition organized on 21st October, 2022  for the students of Grade 8 to 10 on the occasion of Diwali . The students put their best footforward and took part in the competition with zest. Innovation and creation are the words that best describes their efforts.


“It is easy to kill individuals, but you cannot kill the ideas. Great empires crumbled, while the ideas survived.” — Bhagat Singh

Dated: 16th August, 2022

1. August 15 is a red letter day in the history of India. It was on this day that our country won her freedom in 1947. That momentous day is today.

2. Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor at ATS Valley School  on 15th August 2022, to celebrate the 75th year of freedom from British rule.

3. This annual observance has a great significance and this special day is celebrated for commemorating our brave leaders and fighters who won us the freedom we are enjoying today.

4. The day was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm to help students learn more about the significance of Independence day.

5. The special occasion started with the hoisting of the tricolor by the Vice Principal and Pass out  students of Grade 10 in the school premises. It was followed by the National Anthem.

6. The students participated in an array of events. To commemorate the occasion, a speech was delivered by a student of Grade 9 Avika which enthused everyone with a patriotic spirit and a sense of commitment towards the nation.

7. Mesmerizing dances were  performed by the students of grade 4- 6 .They won everyone’s heart with their grace and perfect rhythmic movements.

8. Next, the children of grades 4 - 7 sang the patriotic song “Aazad hua desh hamara”, which gave a message of harmony and brotherhood.

9. A prize distribution ceremony was organised for the pass out batch of Grade 10 (2021-22) for their commendable performance in the board exams , and being a reason of proud for the school.

10. Another mesmerizing dance performance by the students of  Grade 7- 10 on the theme of "Cultures & traditions of India" left everyone spellbound.

11. The Vote of Thanks was delivered by Ms.  Priya She thanked everyone for being a part of the event. She also expressed her gratitude towards all for making the special occasion a memorable one.

Summer Camp

Dated: 22nd June, 2022

A two-week summer camp conducted at ATS Valley School, in which included various type of activities like Dance, art & craft, Music and calligraphy.  On 15th June 2022, the Grand finale of this ‘Exploria Summer Camp’ was conducted and students showed their talent by dancing and musical performances. The students showcase their learning aptitude at a great zenith through art exhibition. The students took part enthusiastically and the program was a grand success.

Christmas Celebration

Dated: 24th December, 2021

Christmas was celebrated in school on 22nd December this year. The school was decorated beautifully with glitters, balloons and lights. The festival was celebrated by doing various class activities, singing carols and dance performances. Santa Claus distributed chocolates among all the children. The children enjoyed the festival with great enthusiasm.​ Christmas celebration makes the end of the year a beautiful one. It spreads love and harmony among the people of different religions.

Gandhi Jayanti

Dated: 05th October, 2021

It is very important to uplift the values and ideas of Gandhi among all the students. In this world of greed and unhealthy competition, Gandhian ideas of sustainable development are the only way out. Gandhi Jayanti is observed by the entire nation to commemorate the birth anniversary of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi. Our students, too, celebrated Gandhiji’s birth anniversary virtually this year with zeal, enthusiasm,and a patriotic feeling. The students of grades 1 and 2 participated in the Slogan Writing Competition and made thoughtful and eye-catchy slogans. Gandhiji rightly said, “Sanitation is more important than independence”. In that spirit, as we know the Swachch Bharat Abhiyan launched by the Government of India aims to address the problems of sanitation and waste management. Considering the importance of hygiene, the students of grades 3 and 4 participated in the activity where they cleaned their vicinity to promote sanitization. The students of grades 7 to 10 participated in the Poster Making Competitions on their favourite freedom fighter.

Independence Day

Dated: 16th August, 2021

Independence Day was celebrated with pomp and gaiety at our school. The celebration of 75th Independence Day was held in the morning of 15th August in a mesmerizing way on the campus of ATS Valley School. The participants reported to school and the rest of the students
attended the function virtually. Therefore, different tools were used
to ensure the smooth participation of the students who showed their presence virtually. The programme commenced with the flag hoisting ceremony followed by a National Anthem. Patriotic Poems and Slogans were recited by the students with full enthusiasm. The students of Junior grades also presented a group dance. In the end, the Principal of the school delivered a short speech. He told the students about the supreme sacrifices of the great martyrs who gave their lives for the sake of freedom. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by the master of ceremonies.

Lohri Celebration

Dated: 16th January, 2021

ATS Valley School celebrated the Lohri festival at the school premises where all the students from Foundation to grade 10 also joined in virtually. The celebration started with the Lohri song sung by the teachers followed by their dance performance.

Merry Christmas!

Soaking in the spirit of joy, Christmas was virtually celebrated with great enthusiasm on December 24, 2020. The school was beautifully decorated. It was a common celebration for grades Foundation to 8. Teachers and children were beautifully dressed in red, white and green. Just like the teachers had decorated the classrooms, children too, had decorated their houses.
To entertain the children, their teachers sang Christmas carols and also, performed dance on a medley of songs. A beautiful Christmas-theme cake was cut. After that, there were games, dance, songs and much more for children. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of all the children. It was an exciting and fun-filled day for all.


The school bids farewell to Grade 10 students

Dated : 18th February 2020

A farewell party  was organized  by school management and  grade 9 students, to bid farewell  to  grade 10. There were mixed emotions and to make them happy and proud, our school management made wonderful arrangements and gave thoughtful gifts.  They were entertained with singing, dance, games, comedy shows and they all enjoyed their heart out. The highlight was a power point presentation which threw fun and added life to the party. The class 9 students truly gave their best shot when it came to saying goodbye to their seniors.
Some of them spoke about their fond memories in the school and they were so touching and heartwarming. After ramp walk and thoughtful questions, Mr. and Miss ATS were chosen.
All of them went back home carrying beautiful memories.

Seminar regarding Indian Judicial System-  Grade 6 to 9

An interactive session was held in the School, on 18th January,2020.
The topic of the seminar was INDIAN JUDICIAL SYSTEM.The students of grade 6 to 9 got assembled in the CMP room and were informed about the Indian constitution and its importance which is of great importance to the students as a part of their curriculum. They were also told about the Indian Judiciary and its composition and the different forms of the cases, civil and criminal. The interactive session was a success and the students learnt a lot about the judicial set up in India.

Workshop on the side effects of Mobile Phone usage

Dated: 10 December, 2019

A workshop was conducted by Dr. Prannay Gulati, a Consultant Psychiatric in Indus International Hospital, Derabassi. The children of Grades 6 to 10 attended the workshop which lasted for about an hour. The children were told about the side effects of and harms of mobile phone usage.

Side effects of mobile phone uses

Children's day celebration

Dated : 14th November, 2019

There was a combined assembly for all the students from Grade 2 to 10 gathered in the Amphitheatre. There were dance performances by the junior and senior dance group.Three students showed their talent through mono acting on various theme-Shinchan,Split personality and Kidney scam.The most interesting part of the assembly was when the students of Grade 6 shared their experience on giving tests without any invigilator in the class.This has been the prestigious part of the school where students are learning to be honest.The students also enjoyed dance party.Sweets were also distributed to them.

Celebration of National Education Day

Dated : 11 November, 2019

The students from grade 1 to 10 were taken to CMP room to celebrate the National Education Day.They were told that the National Education Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Azad. They were shown a video in which they saw how Maulana Azad contributed in laying the foundation of the education system. A speech was also delivered by one of the students to highlight the important works done by him.

Teacher's Day celebration

Dated : 6 September, 2019

On the occasion of Teachers' Day, a combined assembly was conducted for the students of grades 1 to 10. The students enlightened the day of the teachers with a dance performance by the students of grade 2. A speech on the same was delivered by a grade 10 student. A mime was presented by the theatre students and a small play was enacted by the students of grade 6B to show gratitude towards their teachers.

Independence Day Celebration

Dated : 14 August, 2019

The students of Grade 2 to 10 assembled in the ground to celebrate the Independence Day with great enthusiasm. The event began with the flag hoisting ceremony performed by the students of grade 10,the National Anthem echoed in the entire school campus. The ground reverberated with patriotic fervour by the patriotic song 'Kar Chale Hum Fida'.The students took pride in celebrating the spirit of unity.The audience was mesmerised to see the various dance performances and patriotic songs performed by juniors as well as seniors. The colours of patriotism were spread by all the participants throughout the event. The principal sir addressed the students and asked them to take a pledge that they would serve the country with heart, body and soul.In the end, the students dispersed with the image of the fluttering tricolour in their hearts. The sweets were distributed among the students in their respective classes.


Farewell to Grade 10

Dated : 27 February 2019

The students of Grade 8 & 9 bid a farewell to their seniors during a farewell party. The farewell party was organised at school premises where all the seniors and juniors had a lot of fun together. The seniors received a warm welcome by the juniors as they entered wearing elegant attire.

The programme began with the juniors performances. The juniors enthusiastically performed farewell songs for the seniors; they sang the good bye songs which again created an ambiance full with emotions. The juniors were dressed in western attires too.

The programme then was followed with the group dance performances where the juniors gave outstanding performances on traditional and modern Hindi, Punjabi and English songs. The juniors created an ambience of enjoyment and music for the seniors to enjoy their last memories in the school. Further, the event was made memorable with the flashback memories that were shared by some seniors in the speech that created an emotional moment.

As the performances were so splendid, the faculty members while addressing the students said that being students they will always remember their school days and the faculty members also wished the seniors luck and well being for their future.

Later the programme was followed with the award ceremony and title distribution. Awards were given to the seniors keeping in mind their caliber and capability they have shown throughout the party.

Principal Sir and other faculty members wished all the students luck for their future endeavours.
They asked them to do their best and face life challenges with confidence.

Annual Sports Day

Dated: 23 February, 2019


The school held its annual sports day during school hours in the school ground. The aim behind holding the event was to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship and fondness for sports in children. The day was a fun filled fest of laughter, energy and delight as around 400 students presented and participated in various activities.

The event began with the March past performed by the students of Grade LKG onwards. A melodious musical performance by Junior and Senior band laid the ground for other lovely performances. Notable among them were various kinds of races including back gear race, relay race, display of drill by students of Skating, Golf, Taekwondo, Lawn Tennis and Cricket. One highlight of the event was the "dupatta drill" presented by children of Grade 6-9. The event concluded with a fun race held for parents. It regaled the students, spectators and participants alike as they discovered the hidden child in themselves.

The Principal Sir also thanked parents for their support and encouragement that lent charm to the event.


Students celebrated Lohri with enthusiasm

Dated : 12 January, 2019

Lohri festival was celebrated in complete traditional ways. Teachers and students sang the traditional song "Dulla Bhatti Wala" and the Principal lit the fire and dhol was arranged for the students . Students participated with great zeal, enthusiasm and enjoyed a lot.

Students celebrated Makar Sankranti

Dated: 14 January, 2019

Students  celebrated ‘Makar Sankranti’ today at the school campus with great zeal & vigour. It was a colorful yet traditional celebration indeed!  All the students were in a festive mood and gathered in the main ground to fly kites and to witness & enjoy the programme.



CBSE's Capacity Building Program on "Life Skills" for Teachers

Dated: September 15, 2018

The School hosted CBSE Capacity Building Program on "Life Skills" today at their school campus. Mrs. Ranjana Bhardwaj of Army Public School, Chandi-Mandir, Panchkula is the resource Person for this CBSE workshop. Over 70 educators from different school of CBSE Panchkula region enthusiastically participated in the workshop.


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Students' Council Election

Dated: 05th May, 2023

The election for the Students’ Council was held at ATS Valley School on 5th of May 2023.

The objectives of appointing the Student’ Council is to provide a platform to the students to develop leadership qualities by organizing and carrying out school activities and service smoothly.

Keeping the above points in mind there was an election held in the school premises on 5 th of May 2023.

1.The election procedure had already started a week before. In the preliminary round, candidates who had filed nominations were short listed on the basis of their interviews.

2.Then the selected students were asked to give a short introduction to present their candidature on why they should be elected for the posts they had stood for.

3. This was followed by the students voting ( from classes 3 to 10) for the posts of Head Boy, Head Girl, Vice Head Boy , Vice Head Girl, Cultural In-charge and Sports Incharge.

4. The election procedure was interesting and smooth.

5. On the day of election students were already guided how they have to cast vote.

6. The whole event took place in the school premises under supervision of teachers.

7. The students were given the ballot papers on which they put their stamps for their favourite nominees and then put the paper in the ballot box.

8.This way they could understand the voting procedure and its importance.

9.The whole event went peacefully and effectively.

The National Sports Day

Dated: 29th August, 2020

The National Sports Day is celebrated every year on 29th August. Two days before on 27th August it was celebrated at the school premises, in which most of the students participated and showcased their talent by participating in inter-class and inter-house sports competitions.

Children enthusiastically participated in 100 meter race, kho-kho, shuttle run and dodge  ball competitions.
The school vice principal sir and ma'am congratulated the winners and  encouraged all the students to keep participating in forthcoming competitions.

Sports day

Dated: 29th February, 2020

The Annual Sports Day is one of the most awaited events of a school year. The spirit of friendly competition comes alive on this day.  The children participate in a wide range of sports events, cheer on their teammates and learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship.

This year, it was held for grades Foundation to 3 on 29th February’20. The event began with an exercise drill followed by a peppy dance drill by all the classes. Then there was a demo on self-defense by the martial arts team and skating team under the guidance of their respective coaches. The highlight of the day was the ‘Races’ which were different for all the classes. The races were unique and very innovative. There was penguin race, balance race, bankers’ race, cone jump race, hula jump race, football kick race, hurdle race, weightlifting race and many more. Children participated with full zest and enthusiasm. Their parents were also energetically involved to hoot for them.

To add to their entertainment, school’s junior and senior bands gave melodious performances. The audiences were enthralled by the power packed performances of the children. At the end, the winners proudly stood on the victory stand to receive their medals and their friends were seen applauding for them- that’s the positive spirit of this day!  The day was a fun filled fest of laughter, energy and delight.

Community lunch on Basant Panchami

Dated : 30 January, 2020

On the occasion of Basant Panchami , students of grade 1 to 3 enjoyed having their lunch together in the school ground.They brought food representing the colour of Basant, i.e yellow. They were given information about the importance of this festival.

Yamaha Teens Rock: The Battle of Bands 2019

Dated : 25 November, 2019

We will...We will... Rock U!!

The students of Junior and Senior Band went for auditions at the 'Yamaha Teens Rock: The Battle of Bands. It was organised by Amrit Musical Pvt. Ltd. in Sector-37, Chandigarh. Both the bands got very good comments from the judges. Especially, 'The Drummers'; the judges mentioned that ATS Valley School has the best drummers. And, the Junior Band was appreciated for their 'Stage Presence'.
“A band is not proud because it performs well; it performs well because it is proud.”
-George Parks
Way to go!

Janmashtami- Special Assembly

Dated : 21 August,2019

A combined assembly was conducted at school to celebrate Janmashtami. In the special assembly, all the students of grade 3 presented a beautiful dance on the song of Radha and Krishna.The three girls of grade 6 and 8 presented a graceful dance on the occasion. A small play was also performed by grade 4 students to show the importance of Janmashtami.

Special Assembly: Skit on "Communal Harmony"

Dated: October 15, 2018

Students of Grade 7-9 did an engaging play on the topic of  "National Harmony". The objective behind the play was to encourage the feeling of unity amongst different communities and elaborate on the concept of "Unity in Diversity".

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Special assembly on Hindi Diwas

Dated: September 15, 2018

The School conducted a special assembly on the occasion of Hindi Diwas. Students participated in the cultural programme which included recitation of poetry, Hindi speech, Dohas, Oath, Thought of the day and a Skit in Hindi.


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Inter House Singing and Dance Competition

Dated : 20 February 2019

The Inter house dance competition was held in the school campus for Grade 3 – 6. There were participants from each house from each Grade. Singing competition was held too between participants of grade 7 to 9. Each participants were given 2 minutes for solo dance performance and 3 minutes for solo song.

Saahas House emerged as winner for Inter house Dance competition for Grade 3 – 6 whereas Sanyam house was winner for Inter house Singing Competition for Grade-7 to 9.

Independence Day Celebrations

The School marked the occasion of India's Independence Day by holding a cultural programme in the school premises. The school
witnessed participation of students of all classes in patriotic songs and group dances along with theatre done by the senior students.


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Masti ki Paathshala - Grade 2

Students of grade 2 performed Masti ki Pathshala with great enthusiasm. They were very excited and worked very hard with their efforts. The topic was – we need shelter. Students started the program with a warm welcome of their parents by singing a song on “ My Home”. They added a lot of laughter in the paathshala with a small play on Kachcha house and pucca house. Students taught their parents by using various teaching methods like chalk and talk, IT corners and art area. Parents were amazed to see the hard work done by their kids in making beautiful models of different houses like the hut, bungalow, igloo, stilt house, houseboat, tent. It was a great learning with a lot of fun.


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Masti ki Pathshala- Grade 4

The students of Grade 4, participated in Masti Ki Pathshala  with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. They worked hard on each project  i.e. Presentation, song, skit,  Art Projects that involved our topic – Animals & Their Adaptations. Our inquisitive & intrigued students first learned about various animals and their habitats  thoroughly, and then worked harmoniously as a team  to teach the same to their respective parents. Kids had also decorated a gratitude tree by writing on different pieces of chart paper, cut in the form a leaf mentioning  what they were thankful for. It was placed right at the entrance of the class  where each parent could look at it  as and when they enter the class. At the end of the skit, the whole team expressed their gratitude for animals, realizing and  accepting that they are  man’s Best Friend and should not be harmed. They also used the I.T corner to find out more related questions and answers and explained the same to the parents.  The whole process of preparing and teaching was a great learning experience for the kids.


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Mock Elections

Dated : 20 November, 2018

Mock elections were held for grade 7 to 10 at the school. These elections were held just to give a clear picture to the students about the process of elections. The elections were held for the posts of cultural secretary, discipline secretary, sports secretary, literary secretary and cleanliness secretary. The students participated in huge numbers and with great enthusiasm. Through these mock elections, they came to know the democratic set up of the country and how the process of election takes place in India.

Kalpana 2018

Dated: October 13, 2018

The Annual Exhibition 'Kalpana' and thrill activities was held on 13th October, 2018. It is organised every year with a view to encourage and inculcate a scientific temper amongst students. It is a collection of various activities. Exhibitions are opportunities where ideas will begin to bloom for the development of the world. Starting from our pre-schoolers to grade 10 .The school also held inter school art, theatre and sports competition. The competitions were based on various topics according to the different age level. The winners were given the certificates. Our thrill activities included ,Flying fox and rappelling. The other attractions were The magic show,the puppet show,book fair and the food stall.Overall, It was a great learning as students used their own ideas and imagination to present their projects and it was a huge success.Enthusiasm and effervescence overflowed amongst students, their teachers and parents!

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Masti ki Pathshala- Grade 5

The students of Grade 5 presented Masti Ki Pathshala on the topic-Changes around us. Students made a presentation and models on how we all are polluting the environment, they also presented a skit and a song on how important is our mother earth and how we can preserve it.Parents appreciated the efforts of the children.


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Children's Day Celebration

Dated: November 14, 2018

Children’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety on November 14, 2018 by the students and teachers. Students spent a memorable day at school-enjoying the special assembly and a number of activities conducted by the teachers.

The entire campus came alive with performances by teachers especially organized for the children. They were enthralled to see their teachers performing on stage in the special assembly conducted on the day.

The Principal Sir addressed the students and teachers and expressed his love for the children and wished them a blessed future.