Child Safety Policy

ATS Valley Checklist for Child Safety Rules

As a member of the school community, we have always felt that the security of our children is the most important aspect of the school. To this end;

  • The students are escorted to their classes by the respective class teachers in the morning
  • Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones or other electronic devices
  • Special attention is given to students having health issues
  • No vendors are allowed onto the premises
  • Teachers strictly adhere to the ‘no meeting’ policy during the school hours
  • Teachers have been allotted duties to monitor the students during the fruit break, lunch break and at the time of dispersal. No child is left unsupervised at any point of time
  • Students are provided the phone facility in case they need to contact their parents/guardian
  • Students going home late are seated at a designated area allotted to them and they are under the supervision of the school staff
  • We have equipped all our buses with GPS, CCTV and female conductors/maids.
  • The corridors of the school as well as the classrooms are also under CCTV surveillance.
  • School authorities monitors the camera recordings regularly.
  • The entry and exits of all persons/vehicles is recorded at the school gates by security guards.
  • Entry to the school building is strictly restricted and guarded
  • The support staff including drivers, sweepers, gardeners do not have unrestricted access to the school building or classrooms.
  • The bus drivers of the buses are not allowed to enter the school.
  • There is a separate toilet for bus staff which is outside the school area.
  • The support staff have been provided uniforms to assist identification.
  • There are female attendants on every floor.
  • Regular audit of fire safety measures is conducted.
  • Every floor of the school building has well equipped, clean and hygienic washrooms for both boys and girls.
  • All washrooms and classrooms are checked at the time of school dispersal to ensure that no child is left behind.
  • ID cards with QR code are issued to every child and it is mandatory to wear them on all days.
  • Every parent is issued an I-card which they need to show at the time of picking their ward from the school or the bus stop.

All these measures have been in place for a long time because for us child safety is paramount. We encourage the children to share with their class teachers and management about any incident where they felt unsafe.